Al Thani, to the APA: “The real crime is trying to usurp the club from its owner”

Abdullah Al Thani has once again turned to his new scribe agency to respond, in this case, to Paco Valverde, the lawyer for the Small Shareholders Association (APA), who continues in his lawsuit against the property of the sheihk, ceased from his duties as president by court order. This is the statement.

“After three months, no evidence of any crime has been found in the management of our management team.”. And then he develops it. “The president and owner of Málaga C.F., Sheik Abdullah Al Thani, has criticized the lawyer of the Association of Small Shareholders of Málaga C.F. (APA), Paco Valverde, the harsh accusations he made a few days ago about himself at SER Deportivos Málaga. At this point, Al Thani urges Valverde to prove his words with evidence, since “more than three months have passed and no evidence of any crime has been found in our management of the club, despite the fact that there is extensive investigation ongoing and “that our management team,” says Al Thani, “is facilitating all the work for justice.” (We reflect it in its literality.

Sheikh's statement / self-congratulating article continues. “In line with his accusing words, the maximum shareholder reminds Valverde that” the actions of the magistrates are precautionary and do not prejudge the facts, as a lawyer should well know. ” And he adds that, although he is careful to launch accusations with the adjective “presumed”, “the slanders are said and the damage has already been done, with the intention even of interfering in the judicial process.”

In this sense, Al Thani alleges that “the APA makes these accusations to try to usurp the property of Málaga C.F. to the maximum shareholder and legal owner ”. Proof of this is that “this embarrassing spectacle in the world of football began after a complaint filed by the Association of Small Shareholders and in which, to our surprise, the Malaga City Council appeared.”

For this reason, and in the absence of evidence to validate all the accusations, Al Thani assures that “the real crime is trying to usurp the club from its owner“Without” there has been a bankruptcy situation and after presenting this property a viability plan for the project that is transparent and approved by LaLiga. “

Abdullah Al Thani and his sons Nasser, Nayef and Rakkan were dismissed from their duties as president and members of the Board of Directors, respectively, by judicial decision after the complaint filed by the APA, backed by the City Council for “unfair administration”, “misappropriation and imposition of abusive corporate agreements”. The Malaga Court rejected the sheik's appeal to end the judicial administration of José María Muñoz. So it is.

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