Al Bano takes out his artillery against Patricia Donoso: “My lawyers will take action against this lady”

Al Bano has said enough and has spoken again, even more forcefully, against Patricia Donosothe new collaborator of Save me who claims to have had an affair with him in the past. The Italian singer has announced legal measures against her.

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“I have loved Loredana for 20 years and I am talking to my lawyers to take legal action against this lady,” he said in it’s already noon.

The artist does not intend to consent to more “lies”: “I can’t take any more of these lies… It’s a factory of lies, spending three years with me… I have a family and children, I don’t know who he is. How am I going to be with a woman for three years and I don’t know her? In this sense, Ylenia Carissi’s father added: “Either she has a great fantasy or my memory went with God.”

Donoso, for his part, has also spoken through the same program: “I stand by, it’s not the only photo I have with Al Bano. Let him put all the demands he wants, I have my evidence and I’ll show what I have to prove…” It refers to a photograph in which the two protagonists appear together, which could well be that of two friends traveling together or that of a fan with whom he coincided at that moment.

Donoso came to the fore a few weeks ago when he entered the farmhouse of Jorge Javier Vazquez and assured that he maintained something more than a friendship with the husband of Ana Maria Aldon, Jose Ortega Canowhen she was pregnant with the little one Jose Maria. Along the same lines, Patricia maintains that she had something more than a friendship with the Italian artist, who denies everything. A few days ago, Al Bano already said that Donoso “is a second Lydia Lozano.”