Aitana’s new incident at her last concert: “Can I notice it? Tell me if it swells a lot”

Aitana Ocaña has revolutionized the world of Spanish pop with different styles of music and image. With his latest album Alpha (a mix of pop and electronic), the performer of Formentera It has given us something to talk about for a more daring staging than we were used to. At the Barcelona concert held this Thursday, the former triumph overshadowed the criticism of her new choreography and continued with her dance. Furthermore, the Catalan artist was involved in a small incident during the concert.

“I want to tell you that I just hit the microphone pretty hard and maybe I broke my lip, but that’s okay,” said the artist.

Likewise, with the naturalness that characterizes her, Aitana continued explaining how her lip was after the unexpected incident. “If you suddenly see that I’m swelling a lot, well, nothing, I’m already seeing it. I swear to you that I feel super chubby, can I tell?”, he asked his followers.

On social networks, the episode has not gone unnoticed by his fans. “Aitana being Aitana” or “Last tour she broke a tooth and on this one she broke her lip,” they have stated on X (the old Twitter).

Aitana, in the spotlight for her new staging

Goodbye to her good girl image. It has been six years since Aitana became the second finalist of Operation Triumph 2017. Since then, the Catalan artist has tried various styles of music. This last one (the one from their last album Alpha), is much more daring with a revolutionary staging.

After her first concerts in Valencia and Malaga, television talk shows debated whether her new dances are too sensual for the children’s audience that follows her. Far from retiring these new dances in her last concerts, Aitana continues with her choreography.