Aitana wipes the slate clean before the end of the year: goodbye to Sebastián Yatra's tattoo

There are those who take advantage of the sound of the twelve bells to leave behind the burdens of the previous year. the father has squeezed the last days of the year to erase from his skin the tattoo he has of Sebastian Yatra. The Catalan and the Colombian confirmed their breakup last November.

Magazine Week has photographed the young woman going to a tattoo removal center, located in San Clemente de Llobregat, to remove the supposed tattoo in honor of the interpreter of Red high heels. The drawing is a fairy, which according to the singer's fans, has a direct link with Tini's ex. The former triumphant got this symbol tattooed after launching The Angelsa song he supposedly dedicated to Sebastián.

For this new stage as a single woman, the singer revealed in an interview in It would be amazing who wants to have a good time and meet people. “I'm single, I feel like I should have been there for a long time. I'm looking forward to having a good time and meeting new people, not just boys, new friends…” she pointed out without mincing words.

Although personally she is not going through her best moment, the artist has achieved success on a professional level. After filling stadiums in Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay, the pop diva ends the year with an unprecedented sold out at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium just 72 hours after the tickets were released. The concert will take place a year from now, on December 28, 2024.

Yatra statements

Last November, Yatra himself confirmed the breakup: “At this moment we are both single, we are each living our own path, but I love her very much and we lived a very beautiful story this year.” Likewise, the artist did not reveal the reasons for their estrangement, but assured that it was carried out on good terms. “We love each other a lot. We are and will be great friends for life. I love all the good things she is experiencing, she deserves it and I adore her,” he revealed. On Aitana's part, he has confessed that he is his best friend and they want to continue maintaining this very special union.