Aitana Sánchez Gijón reveals that she separated from her husband three years ago: “I have not yet completed the mourning”

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón He has always kept his private life in the background. However, the actress has now revealed that she has separated from the Argentine artist. Luccada by Guillermo Papin three years ago. The news came as a surprise, since both had been in a relationship for more than two decades.

“Three years ago I separated. My eldest son was emancipated two years ago, when he was 20. I live hand in hand with my 19-year-old daughter, almost like two roommates. “It’s a very different stage,” she explained in an interview that The country published this Sunday, coinciding with the interpreter’s 55th birthday.

Although the reasons for the separation are unknown, the artist clarified that the decision was made by mutual agreement. Of course, even though some time has passed, it still hurts: “I keep tapping on the nest. I have not yet completed the grief that a separation entails after 22 years of relationship, no matter how agreeable the breakup may have been.” “I thought the duel was shorter and easier.”

The actress and her ex-husband They married on September 7, 2002, a year after her firstborn was born, who came into the world when the actress and the artist had been together for two years.

The wedding was held at the Rocamador estate, which at that time was run by the Bosé family. It was an intimate ceremony attended by only 50 people.

From their relationship, Bruna was born shortly after, who is now “almost a roommate” for her mother, as she herself explained in the interview. Both the young woman and her brother have opted to become professional in the artistic field, although instead of moving towards cinema, like her mother, both They are musicians.