Aitana receives harsh criticism for doing the “kamasutra” on stage: “They have charged it”

the interpreter of berlin enjoy these days of a well-deserved vacation in Ibiza with her family and her boyfriend, Sebastian Yatra, and does so oblivious to the commotion that has been mounted this Thursday on social networks. The reason? A video of his last concert in which the father dance with a partner in a very sexual attitude, according to haters. “The one who rejected her collaboration with C. Tangana because she seemed very explicit to her, now she is doing the kamasutra in her concerts.”

This user’s comment has generated a veritable torrent of criticism against the former triumph. Many users accuse her of being a “hypocrite” and of wanting to change her image in the face of the music industry: “She doesn’t like being a bad pop diva, she looks very forced.”

Messages that are contradicted by others who say that nothing has evolved since he left the academy and that “she is the most boring artist on stage” or “she looks like a broom”.

Of course, Aitana’s followers have come to her defense: “While you criticize, she is fulfilling her dream and filling all the places where she does concerts,” they say.