Aitana Bonmatí’s ‘message’: “These are our values”

In case there was any doubt as to whether Barça could consider conceding a defeat or draw against Atlético de Madrid on the last day of the Women’s League in order to prevent Real Madrid from qualifying for the Champions League, the Barça players made it clear that the field of play his professionalism and the enthusiasm to achieve the full record of 30 victories.

There was a move in particular that captured perfectly what Barça’s intentions were: the action of Aitana Bonmatí at the last minute with a very clever action in which she knocks down the rival player Ajibade on the edge of the area, which earned him a direct red card but avoided the rojiblanco goal.

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The action led to several white fans thanking the Barça midfielder on social networks for having allowed Real Madrid to go to the Champions League, comments that Aitana herself wanted to cut through through her Twitter account with this forceful statement:

“I have not saved anyone. I just wanted my team to WIN and make the RECORD”, she has written under the video of the play. And she has continued: “The perfect League: 30 out of 30. It was the only important thing today, as well as firing a colleague and reference, Mel. My responsibility is to defend the shield that I bring and give everything until the last second of each match. We are a competitive team and these are our values”. And he ends up asking for support for the Turin final: “Thanks for the support, fans! We will need you in Turin. Let’s go for more”.

Really, the player makes it very clear that the commitment to defend the Barça shirt goes much further than any rivalry.