Aitana Bonmatí dedicates the Best Player of the Year award to Jenni Hermoso: “We cannot allow the abuse of power”

The midfielder for Barcelona and the Spanish Soccer Team has become the Best Player of the Year this Thursday at a gala organized by UEFA. A prize that Aitana Bonmatí has dedicated to his partner Jenni Beautiful and “to all the women who suffer the same thing. We are with you and we will continue working so that this society improves.”

The words of the 25-year-old footballer have moved those present, who have applauded her with great applause: “These are not being very good moments in Spanish football. We have just won a World Cup and they are talking about it. As a society we must not allow there to be an abuse of power in an employment relationship, or disrespect”Aitana said. “I would like to share this award with my teammates, without them I would not be here. I am lucky to play with wonderful people who make me better every day. And thanks to the club and the team I play with”.

His speech has quickly gone viral on social networks: “Give an example of courage, bravery and dignity”, “How great Aitana Bonmatí giving Rubiales a shovel”, “Brutal”, “Bravo for his talent and his words”…

Sarah Wiegman, awarded the Best Coach 2023 award, also wanted to dedicate it to the Spanish champions: “There is still a long way to go in women’s football and I dedicate this trophy to the Spanish women’s team, which played a great tournament. I was going to ask for this applause later, but this team should be heard and should be celebrated, so I ask for another big round of applause for them. A round of applause that I’m going to do myself.” The Dutch continued: “We all know what is happening. It hurts me, as a coach, as a mother of two daughters and as a woman. They deserve to celebrate and they deserve to be heard.”