Agustín Pantoja explodes after his sister’s concert: “You ruin everything!”

The Wizink Center in Madrid vibrated this Saturday night with the show of Isabel Pantoja. For three hours, the tonadillera delighted her fans with her classic repertoire of songs and, as Isabel usually does on stage, she starred in endless anecdotes. Arriving at the hotel, when the concert ended, the singer’s brother Agustín Pantoja He showed his character and was involved in a tense disagreement with the press.

The interpreter of Where the heart takes me She got out of the van full of joy, but Agustín got angry with the reporters who were nearby and ordered them not to ask his sister questions. “The microphone in the mouth, no, please, in the mouth, no. Seriously, you’re ruining everything, come on! Damn, now!“He said, visibly upset.

Beyond this last-minute encounter, Julián Muñoz’s ex showed an intact smile throughout the night. The singer reviewed her 50 years in music by performing her greatest hits. She did it before a dedicated audience, among whom were celebrities as Terelu Campos, Hiba Abouk, La Húngara, Nieves Herrero or Marta Flich.

The tonadillera brought onto the stage Naiarathe winner of Operation Triunfo 2023. The Zaragoza native fulfilled her dream of singing the classic with Isabel Sailor of Lights. After both of their performances, Pantoja brought her niece Anabel onto the stage and the three recorded a video for TikTok.