“I think I have to leave office, it is the most honest thing I can do.” With this concise statement Javier Aguirre announced on June 30, 2010 that he was leaving the position of Mexico coach.

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After 13 months on the tricolor bench, and through a common agreement with the directors of the Mexican federation, the Basque He left the helm after having done one of the best qualifying phases in the history of Mexico and having led the team to the eighths of the South Africa World Cup, of which he was eliminated at the hands of Argentina in a clash charged with controversy for a goal by the albiceleste scored in a clamorous offside of You look. Once again, Mexico's dream ended in eighths, a phase in which it has fallen in the last seven editions of the World Cup.

“Leaving office is the most honest thing I can do right now. I wish you the best of luck in the process towards Brazil World Cup“, Aguirre said goodbye, which in this way ended his second stage as Aztec coach.

Between his two stages at the helm of the tricolor, Aguirre can boast of having classified Mexico to two World Cups and having reached the final of the Copa América in 2001, to which Mexico went as a guest team and in which it fell to the host, Colombia.

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