Agüero had an arrhythmia prior to the one that caused his withdrawal

Sergio Aguero is enjoying his life outside of football after retiring last December due to heart problems and the Argentine was the guest of honor this Tuesday at ‘The Anthill’. Always happy, ‘El Kun’ He recounted how he experienced the entire process of his retirement and revealed that he had an arrhythmia in training a week before suffering this heart anomaly again against Alavés.

“One day in training I told the doctor that I felt bad. I was feeling dizzy and the dizziness went away, but my arrhythmia started. We did a check-up and everything went well, but the following week it happened to me in the stadium I felt something, but I didn’t think this was going to happen. I thought I was old. I wanted to yell at the referee but it wouldn’t come out. I grabbed a defender’s hand and told him to stop the game. My dizziness went away and I he caught the arrhythmia. I threw myself on the floor, because the doctor told me to lie down. I asked the doctor if I could continue playing, but they took me to a room and they came with all the equipment. They took me to the hospital and there we did all the checkups. I was from Saturday to Tuesday,” he said. Omenwho then recounted how those days were when he was admitted to the hospital.

“The doctor caused me three arrhythmias. I screwed up everything. The third time I noticed the arrhythmia and I thought it was the good one because of the doctors’ gesture, but the gesture was because they found it. The doctor told me to make myself aware that things were not going well. I thought they would fix the problem and I could continue playing. When I was in the operating room, I was there for two hours and I thought it was complicated. The doctor told me it was impossible. He told me that I could play, but that it could happen again and be worse. At 33 years old, I have a son and a life ahead of me. I’m not going to scare everyone,” explained Agüero, causing applause from the public.

In addition to talking about his arrhythmia, Omen regretted not having been able to play more games with him Barça in his last season and he was left with the thorn in his side to help the azulgrana to get out of a delicate situation.

“What affected me the most is that I wanted to play those years at Barça, I wanted to help because I was in a bad situation. I couldn’t make people enjoy themselves, but I ended up scoring my last goal against Madrid”, said ‘El Kun’ with a laugh .

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