Ágatha Ruiz will go to the Rose Ball: the difference between going as a star and doing it with the audacity of Isabel Pantoja

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada (63) has started the year with an invitation that makes him especially excited. The fashion designer will be at the Rose Ball on March 23, one of the most important events in the Principality. The dressmaker will participate in the Grimaldi ceremony after last year she attended the event Isabel Pantoja (67). Of course, to get there the tonadillera had to pull some strings, just as it advanced at the time. Informalia.

“It's a dream almost fulfilled. I'm happy because I always wanted to go”has declared the ex of Pedro J. Ramírez a Week. The designer is working on her styling for her date at the Salle Des Étoiles of Sporting de Monte Carlo. It is not just any event: the royal family of Monaco has celebrated this festival for 50 years, in which great personalities from European society come together.

“We are starting to prepare it. Every year there is a theme for styling and this year they haven't told me yet. We're on that. I also hope to dress two of my friends who are going,” clarified the Marchioness of Castelldosríus.

The reality of Isabel Pantoja's 'invitation'

Various faces of our country have passed through the Rose Dance. Among them, the director Pedro Almodovar or the artistic tandem formed by Alaska y Mario Vaquerizo. But in March 2023 it was Isabel Pantoja's turn. She announced it herself in an exclusive to the magazine Hola.

Paquirri's widow attended the ceremony thanks to her friendship with Manel Dalgóresident in Monaco and very well connected in the Principality, and her husband Thomas Schmieder, who has an apartment in La Tour in Monte Carlo. This artist listened to the singer's request to coincide there with his admired Shirley Bassey, one of the great guests that year, and his wishes came true.

“Making people happy makes me happy”, the promoter of the singer's trip to the heart of the French Riviera told us. There, Kiko Rivera's mother shared a table with Bassey, although she did not have contact with the great host of the event, Carolina de Monaco. Who knows if Agatha will have better luck.

Be that as it may, the fact that Isabel Pantoja appeared at the event with an air of exemplarity contradicts the scandals that she is dragging in our country, where her conviction in 2014 by the Malaga Court for a crime of money laundering. Her cover for him lying paper and his subsequent passage through the Monegasque event can be taken as an attempt to soften that past that still weighs on him and that has caused him so much pain for decades.