Ágatha reveals that she also offered to dress Tamara Falcó and gives her a wake-up call

Agatha Ruiz de la Pradaas one of the most important designers in the country, has a lot to say about the controversy of Tamara Falco and her wedding dress, which will finally be made exclusively for her by Carolina Herrera.

“Since the first day I heard that these girls I didn’t know were going to do it, I was sure something was going to happen,” Ágatha confessed to the microphones of Europapress.

The creator, who is a Marchioness like Tamara, in her case from Castelldosríus, has revealed that she also offered to dress the daughter of Isabella Preysler when the Bilbao firm Sophie et Voilà broke the agreement just two months after the wedding: “I offered it to him. I told his representative, but he told me that it was done.”

Tamara Falcó is the goose that lays the golden eggs, hers is the wedding of the year, and haute couture firms rub their hands with her. So much so that after the Sophie et Voilà statement, she received more than 50 proposals. Finally, the one chosen was Carolina Herrera, for whom Ágatha feels great respect and admiration: “She’s going to do phenomenal (…) It’s not that I love Carolina, it’s that I have total adoration for Carolina mother.”

However, as a designer, she has put herself in the shoes of Saioa Goitia and Sofía Arribas, the partners of Sophie et Voilà, and has empathized with them. In this sense, she has given a touch of attention to the daughter of Carlos Falcó: “If you really believe in a designer, you have to give him a free hand, because if you start to get into the suit, the suit is fatal “. In her statement, the designers insinuated that the marquise intended to plagiarize the dress from another firm.

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