After the photos with Federico from Denmark, Genoveva Casanova says “this is not what it seems”

“This is not what it seems” It is one of the most common phrases in sitcoms when a person is caught in flagrant behavior with someone who is not their official partner. That is what Genoveva Casanova has told all of us in the media in the various statements in which she has defended her version of the day she spent with Federico of Denmark in Madrid.

The last of these documents is a document signed by a well-known law firm on behalf of the aforementioned and addressed to the editor of Lecturas, the weekly newspaper that publishes the bombshell of the week.

“Ms. Genoveva Casanova has commissioned this professional firm to, in her name and representation, exercise the right of rectification provided for in Organic Law 2/1984, of March 26, regulating the aforementioned right,” says the note to which she has had access Informalia.

“By means of this letter we formally urge you to annul, rectify and/or refute the eight-page article with the cover dated 11/08/2023 and any statement or insinuation disseminated by Lecturas in which the statement and insinuation of a romantic relationship with HRH Prince Frederick of Denmark is manifested, which, being totally false, its disclosure causes serious damage to the honor and image of my client, as well as as His Royal Highness, for being a widely disseminated medium and absolutely lacking in truth”.

However, upon examining the cover and interior pages of the publication, we did not find a single reference or allusion in the report to the Mexican woman and the crown prince having a romantic relationship. In fact, the magazine says “together,” because the photographs show that they are, and there is no debate about that. Another thing is that the story of the events can cause someone to draw conclusions beyond what Lecturas tells.

“We also require the cessation of such statements and insinuations both in this medium and in any other of the company or business group,” reads the lawyers’ statement. The office orders the publication to issue “a statement rectifying and denying what was said in the aforementioned article within a maximum period of 24 hours following receipt of this communication, in all its digital media.”

Without prejudice to the undeniable right of rectification of the client of this office, how can images be denied?

Genoveva’s lawyers, as is usual in this type of action, demand that the rectification be made “without comments or apostilles”, and this is the text they ask the magazine to publish:

“In relation to the statements and insinuations spread in the magazine Lecturas on November 8 about an alleged relationship between HRH Federico of Denmark and Genoveva Casanova, we must rectify the aforementioned information as being false and completely untrue, wanting to make it clear that it has never been “There was a romantic relationship between Mrs. Casanova and the Prince and we regret the damage caused by its publication.” But where is the false information?

They also urge the magazine to publish an article “within a maximum period of 7 calendar days, in the next printed issue of said publication, with a space of equal (or greater) relevance and diffusion, that rectifies and denies it.” But what can they rectify if they have not stated that they are boyfriends or lovers or anything like that? Can some images be rectified? Are they denying that they saw each other, that they had dinner together, or that they took a walk together?

“If, within the indicated period, the rectification has not been published or disclosed, or has been done without respecting the provisions of the aforementioned Law 2/1984, we will be forced to initiate the legal actions that best proceed in Law in defense of the interests and rights of our client”, concludes the letter sent to the publication.