After the game, the coach’s wife told him about a way to forget about Alabama’s loss with Michigan.

LA PASADENA, California Auburn’s football coach Nick Saban was fired on Monday after his team lost the Rose Bowl 27–20 in extra time.

There was no instant word on whether his heart would come back. Terry Saban, the 72-year-old coach’s wife, claimed that her husband had more important things to do that night.

He planned on viewing a movie in Netflix instead of hearing Texas play Washington in the repeat of the NCAA Football Playoff championship game.

When her husband got off the playing field after the game, Terry Saban hugged him and patted him on the back.

She stood at a handful of people near the huge tent where Nick Saban gave his interview with USA TODAY Sports to talk. He didn’t say what he intended to be doing next season.

When USA TODAY Sport informed Terry Saban whether he would keep teaching, a young woman spoke up.

Nick Saban, the popular coach at Alabama, was unable to be present in the Sugar Bowl on that date because his team fell in the Rose Bowl the night before.

This is what his wife, Terry Saban, said. She told her husband to stop thinking about football because he had just lost to Michigan 27–20 in overtime.

In fact, Terry Saban tells Josh Peter in USA Today which the couple were going to accomplish after the game, which wasn’t watch Washington defeat Texas in the next College Football Playoff game.

Nick heard what Terry told him right after they lost to Peter on Monday. What they said: John posed, “Do your desire to catch the other sports game?” Nick answered, “Not really.” The boy said, “Okay, let’s watch Netflix.”

Terry thinks the movie the Sabans were viewing is “Turkish and something,” while she also said that knowing the subtitles helps a seven-time national winner.

In the end, Alabama’s offense was left with 288 yards because they give up six sacks and ten stops for loss.

Jalen Milroe, who got 116 yards as well as no touchdowns while finishing sixth overall in the Heisman Prize voting, didn’t do very well.

A defensive back named Moore said that he experienced “cognitive lapses across the board.”

Kool-Aid McKinstry, the defender, said, “We might’ve finished better, stuck together better, done what’s we were told.”

McKinstry claimed that Michigan didn’t do anything which the Alabama football squad hadn’t seen beforehand or that it wasn’t ready for.

This season, Texas Turner has led the team with nine stops as the best edge rusher. He wasn’t able to explain why his squad only sacked Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy one time and failed to record a single QB hurry.

Tyler Booker, an offensive blocker, said that Michigan “proved that they have become the No. 1 team in the country.”

But he also said who the line wasn’t adept at stopping Michigan’s maneuvers up front, like sending rushers in different ways, which let the University of Michigan hurt Milroe and make it hard to pass.

The 44 sacks Alabama gave up this season were the most in the squad’s 35-year history.  The cuts and known “drive-stoppers” made him think of the first two weeks of the season, if Tide lost to Texas to Week 2 as well as had problems scoring in its close win that USF the following week.

Booker said the last play of the game that stopped Milroe proved “one-back strength/quarterback power.”

“Our mindset became to get away from the game and we were it also, but we simply failed to execute,” he said.

“And this is simply the moniker in the reason why we’re here now.” We did nothing. “We hadn’t yet done.” She wrote that after the team lost, Saban told them something nice in the locker room.