After the Eagles lost in the playoffs, Jalen Hurts fails to provide their coach Nick Sirianni a strong recommendation.

After the Eagles lost in the playoffs, Jalen Hurts failed to provide their coach Nick Sirianni a strong recommendation.

Since the Philadelphia Eagles are having a terrible end to the season, many people are questioning whether or not their head coach Nick Sirianni will keep his job.

Graham has said that he wants to play for the Philadelphia Eagles one more year: “It’ll be the farewell tour”

Before losing their playoff game toward the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night, the Eagles had the best title in the NFL, starting the season 10-1. They then lost six of their last seven games.

After the 32–9 loss to the Buccaneers, quarterback Jalen Hurts was quizzed if he wanted Sirianni back. He avoided the question or didn’t give his former coach strong support.

When asked again if he trusted Sirianni to find solutions to the Eagles’ problems going forward, he replied, “I trust everyone in this building.” We just need to play good football, which we haven’t done.”

Along with trying to explain why the Philadelphia Eagles’ season did so badly, Jalen Hurts stood at the stage ready to answer any questions about Nick Sirianni’s future.

The Eagles are the first team since the 1986 season’s New York Jets to start 10-1 before going on to lose six out of its last seven games. This puts Sirianni in the hot seat.

In the next few days, the Eagles can have to decide what to do with their head coach, even though Hurts didn’t say anything about his thoughts.

The Eagles lost to the Buccaneers, and Hurts said, “I didn’t know he wasn’t going anywhere.” This was recorded by the team. “I believe in everyone in that structure a lot.”

As Eagles head coach, Sirianni has led the team to the playoffs all three years. He is the only coach in the team’s history to do that. We just need to play clean football, which we haven’t done.

With a 34–17 record, his 667 win percentage is the best in the team’s history, and he led the Philadelphia Eagles into the Super Bowl in his second year on the job. However, Philadelphia’s epic fall could cost Sirianni his job.

“That’s not on my mind,” Sirianni said. “The guys are on my mind.” Again, there are a lot of guys within the locker room who gave this their all.

“I love myself and don’t worry about anything. As head coach, I’m simply attempting to be it for our players and staff during this tough time. We didn’t get anywhere nearly where we wanted to.

“I’m really happy with the quarterbacks we have here right now.” I thought they had an excellent year and learned a lot. I expect the same from Jalen because of his character, how tough he is, and how much he loves football.

I love Jalen as a person and as a player. Again, my heart goes out to these guys; we’re all having a rough time. That’s where my focus is right now.”

The 23-year-old Impacts completed 61.3% of his throws for 3,144 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions in his first year as a starter.

It also led all quarterbacks with 784 yards from rushing and 10 touchdowns, helping the Eagles finish 9-8 and secure the seventh and final playoff spot.