After the departure of Jaime Alfonsín: “We will now see if Casa del Rey's response to the campaign against Letizia is different”

The smear campaign against Letizia has awakened a wave of solidarity in her favor on the networks. Among others, the journalists spoke Luz Sánchez-Mellado y Rosa Villacastín who showed their absolute rejection of this nonsense. Some statements by Jaime Peñafiel about the Queen's private life, without providing any credit, raised the hackles of republicans and monarchists who could not understand what moves the veteran journalist to undermine the public image of the Queen beyond the revenge and their desire to erode and damage the institution. In this scenario, Zarzuela announced on Friday the 19th that he was replacing Jaime Alfonsín as head of the Casa del Rey, after 29 years of service. Gema López wondered Public mirror if there was any connection in this coincidence in times and you have chosen the word “deposed”. More than dismissed, Alfonsín has been relieved.

It was Susanna Griso who qualified Gema: “It must be said that what happened with Jaime Alfonsín was a relief. He asked to leave”. The head of the Royal Household, 67 years old, and with a long career of service behind him, He has been replaced by Camilo Villarino Marzo. Don Felipe, who has unbreakable trust with Alfonsín, “wishes to continue counting on your valuable and loyal advice”, For this reason, he will be appointed “Private Counselor”, as stated in the statement that Zarzuela sent on Friday.

Laura Fa has also ruled out Gema López's theory: “There is no need to look for more ghosts. At 67 it's time to retire“. And he finished with an indirect message in clear allusion to the two Jaimes, Peñafiel and Del Burgo, who are behind this campaign against Letizia: “The kings of misogyny are acting non-stop.”

Regarding the new stage of the newly appointed head of the House, Rubén Amón has slipped on Antena 3: “Another thing is that Villarino provokes certain suspicions due to the tone and how much the relationship between the House of the King and the Government may change.” Griso has also spoken along these lines: ““We will see if now Casa del Rey's response to the campaign that Doña Letizia is suffering is different.” A campaign that, according to Amón, is “so aggressive” that it is “benefiting the victim, finding solidarity where they did not expect it, like the entire left.”

Juan Soto Ivars has also entered the debate: “Being attacked is a perfect sales strategy. Many books are sold censored”. Regarding the silence with which the media is addressing this exploitation of Letizia's image, Samantha Villar's opinion is that “nothing is being silenced” and she added that “launching an attack on the Queen comes for free.”