After the Chiefs’ Christmas Day loss to the Raiders, NFL icon Kurt Warner said, “KC was bad everywhere.” Patrick Mahomes may have just had his worst performance in a Chiefs uniform.

After the Chiefs’ Christmas Day loss to the Raiders, NFL icon Kurt Warner said, “KC was bad everywhere.” Patrick Mahomes may have just had his worst performance in a Chiefs uniform.

Mahomes only threw for 235 yards and one touchdown. He also lost a fumble and picked off a pass, which both led to Raiders scores. The Kansas City Chiefs had a terrible game on Monday, and now they need to figure out what went wrong.

The team’s offense had major problems in their 20-14 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, especially quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is usually very calm.

He yelled at a few people in his offensive line at one point. Mahomes was sacked four times by the offensive line, who also put him under a lot of pressure the whole game. There is one good game, one bad game, one good game, and one bad game.

With the Ravens’ win over the 49ers and the Chiefs’ loss, they lost their chance to become the No. 1 seed in the AFC and couldn’t clinch the AFC West. However, they can still win the division next week against the Bengals.

Maus said after the game, “On offense, there were just mistakes.” “The defense did a great job.” You can kind of see us moving the football. There are hints that we could score in the red zone. We haven’t done it reliably enough, game in and game out.

“We need to be more consistent because you need to string some together to make it to the playoffs.” I believe this week’s main goal should be to get better against Cincinnati and discover a way to beat a strong football team.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner gave the Kansas City Chiefs a harsh warning on Tuesday after he thought about their loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Warner wrote on X that he thought the Chiefs’ attack had played its worst game since Patrick Mahomes took over.

After going 27 for 44, Mahomes threw for 235 yards, one score, and one interception. He was also sacked four times. Travis Kelce caught five passes and gained 44 yards.

Malcolm Koonce sacked Mahomes once, and Maxx Crosby dropped him three times. Jack Jones had five stops in the end, and Bilal Nichols had three. Las Vegas lost by 308 to 205 yards to Kansas City. Also, the Chiefs ran 18 more plays than the Raiders.

Everybody has a cross to carry. In the big picture, everyone has a job to do. Fans happily enjoy many championships at places like Yankee Stadium, TD Garden, or Staples Center, willingly trading their souls.

People who are Browns fans let the rest of us know that life isn’t fair. People who cheer for the Mets do it so that the rest of us can laugh. Fans of the Patriots show what can happen to a group of fans who go from the dungeon to the top and forget where they came from.

As Kansas City Chiefs fans, we live in a kind of limbo between the two extremes of life. It’s our fate to be used as a prop in other teams’ playoff highlight movies, as the goon the main character kills on his way to getting the girl and beating the boss—and not even the final boss.

Like all two-dimensional bad guys, the Chiefs look scary on paper, but they have a major flaw that is easy to use against them once it is known.

I have been a Chiefs fan for 30 years. During that time, the team has done everything right, sometimes even at the same time. The only thing they haven’t done right is hire a great QB.

During those 30 years, the Chiefs have won every football game there is to win, sometimes even at the same time. The only game they haven’t won is an important playoff game. But there is a crack in the order of the universe.

The first line in this paragraph seems to no longer be true all of a sudden. Further, I think the second statement will not be true for much longer.