After surgery on his arm, Isiah Pacheco is out, but he should be back next week.

After surgery on his arm, Isiah Pacheco is out, but he should be back next week.

The Chiefs won’t have quarterback Isiah Pacheco for their game against the Patriots on Sunday, but they should get their top rusher back as soon as possible.

Reid pointed out that Pacheco had been a part of Kansas City’s walkthroughs since the surgery.

Andy Reid, the head coach, told the press on Friday that Pacheco had surgery to fix his shoulder and will be out for Week 15. Pacheco had surgery in his shoulder during the off-season.

“Some things that were swimming in there were taken out by Pacheco.” “He’s okay, though,” Reid said. It looks like he’s moving within well, and we should get him back next week.

Also, left tackle Donovan Smith (neck) is out for a second straight game because he didn’t train this week. That means Wanya Morris will once again start at left tackle.

The Chiefs’ coach, Andy Reid, called the treatment a “cleanup.” Pacheco hurt his shoulder again, the same one that he had surgery on during the off-season.

Pacheco also didn’t play in the loss against the Buffalo Bills last week. Before that, he had run for 779 yards, which was fifth most in the NFL.

Reid said that Pacheco had been to the Chiefs’ walk-through practices earlier in the week and that he might be able to go back to full force next week.

Jerick McKinnon ran for 19 yards and a score against the Bills without Pacheco. Clyde Edwards-Helaire ran for 39 yards. Three passes to McKinnon went for 18 yards, and two to Edwards-Helaire went for 29 yards.

There was a lot of love for Pacheco and his energy, but Reid also said that Clyde and McKinnon did a great job. “I don’t want to slight any of them since they’re playing well, and they all add energy in their own way.”

Another key player for the Chiefs, Donovan Smith, will not play for the second game in a row because of his injury to his neck.

Against the Bills, rookie Wanya Morris, who was picked in the third round of the draft, took his place.

Even though this is a setback, there is reason to be hopeful because Pacheco took part in the squad’s walk-through workouts this week and could return to full practice next week.

Pacheco wasn’t there for the last game towards the Buffalo Bills, so he couldn’t make a difference.

Before getting hurt, Pacheco was the fifth-best runner in the NFL with 779 yards, which is a very good number. After Pacheco left, the Chiefs had other backs who ran step up and fill the hole.

When Pacheco wasn’t available, Clyde Edwards-Helaire or Jerick McKinnon took over the running attack against the Bills. McKinnon ran for 19 yards and scored a touchdown, and Edwards-Helaire ran for 39 yards.

Also, McKinnon was versatile because he caught three passes for 18 yards, and Edwards-Helaire caught two passes for 29 yards.

Coach Reid hailed their hard work and said he was happy with how they played and how energetic they were on the field.

The Chiefs lost again when starting offensive lineman Donovan Smith hurt his neck and couldn’t play in the second straight game.

This made it possible for third-round draft pick Wanya Morris, a rookie, to step up and start against the Bills in Smith’s place.

The team’s ability to deal with illness shows how deep they are and how well they can handle problems.

Even though some important players have been out, the Chiefs have shown that they can change and are determined in their play.

The team is still focused on staying ahead of the competition and putting on strong efforts on the field as they get ready to play the New England Patriots with out Pacheco and Smith.