After Kadarius Toney was called offside in the Chiefs’ loss, Patrick Mahomes slams NFL officials.

After Kadarius Toney was called offside in the Chiefs’ loss, Patrick Mahomes slams NFL officials.

As time ran out in the 20–17 loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback had been clearly furious. He threw his hat to the ground and yelled at the officials.

Mahomes was angry that Kadarius Toney, a wide receiver, was warned for being offsides in Kansas City’s last drive of the game, which had 1:25 left on the clock.

Travis Kelce, the star tight end, caught a pass and then threw it to Toney, who ran in for a score. The play was called back because of the penalty.

With that score and extra point, the Chiefs would have been ahead 24–20 and pretty much won the game.

Swift was seen cheering from the seats of Arrowhead Stadium to Kansas City, Mo., on Sunday in an NFL video shown on CBS.

She was wearing what looked like a Chiefs-themed outfit. People Magazine said the “Love Story” singer was wearing an old Kansas City Chiefs jacket from the store Westside Story.

This season, Swift has been to six NFL games. Her performance in Kansas City was her seventh. It comes after she was named Person of the Year by Time magazine last week.

In her Time interview, she talked about her friendship with Kelce, 34. She told the magazine that they started hanging toward after Kelce called her “on blast on his podcast,” which she thought was “metal as hell.”

One of Kelce’s brothers, Jason Kelce, plays center to feed the Philadelphia Eagles. The two brothers, who are now NFL stars, co-host a show called “New Heights with Jason or Travis Kelce,” where they talk about life in the NFL and share family stories.

Time talked to the “Wildest Dreams” singer and said that she and Kelce started hanging out after the show. By the time she went to her initial Chiefs game this fall, they were dating.

At the first game, videos of Swift went popular on social media. Since then, she’s often been in front of the NFL cameras while she’s at games.

Time talked to Swift about how she draws attention to the games and said that the game she went to in October became the most-watched Sunday broadcast since the Super Bowl.

Swift told Time, “There’s a camera about a half-mile away, so you don’t know where it is or when it’s going to show you. That’s why I don’t know if I’m being shown 17 times or once.” “I’m only there to help Travis.”

Swift told Time, “When you say a relationship was public, that means I’m going to see them do what he loves; we’re showing our support for each other; other individuals are there, and we don’t care.”

On the other hand, you have to work really hard to keep your partner from finding out that you’re seeing someone. “And we’re all proud of each other,” she said.

Jason Kelce and the Eagles lost to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV the previous year. The Chiefs lost to the Bills 20–17, which dropped their record to 8–5 on the 2008 NFL season.

At the end of the game, when the Chiefs lost the game to the Bills, Patrick Mahomes lost it and yelled at the refs. Andy Reid didn’t call out the referees until he was standing in front with the press.

“That kind of thing usually happens after I’ve been warned.” Reid told reporters, “That’s kind of embarrassing within the National Football League.”

On a really great play, Kadarius Toney was marked for being offside, which meant the Chiefs’ touchdown was called back.

Travis Kelce was hit by Mahomes over the middle of the field. Kelce then threw the ball with Toney, who ran towards the end zone for what would be the winning score.

“It’s hard to take. Not only is it hard for me and sports in general, but it’s also hard to take away glory in that way.

You want the guys upon the field to decide the game when Travis Kelce makes an effort like that. They are people. They do wrong things. “But we talk about something every week,” he said.

“This is the call. At that very time. Not for me. To have a sign change how the game goes. Offensive offsides has never been called on me.

They will let you know if it does. It’s time to talk about the refs for another game. We don’t want that for the NFL. We don’t want that for sports.