AFE detects irregular signatures among which they request Assembly

The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) has located signatures of people who are not members, others repeated up to three times and others in the form of crosses or lines in the process of reviewing those presented by two managers together with a notary to request an Assembly Extraordinary. After its delivery yesterday at the AFE headquarters, the union has begun the procedures to check whether the aforementioned firms belong to affiliates and correspond to their identity, to carry it out with guarantees, once the notary who accompanied the managers did not It has been protocolized.

Among the reviewed, AFE has located some that are not affiliated, others repeated several times and some in the form of lines or crosses, as EFE could confirm. The notary document attests to having identified Javier Oliva and Sergio Piña, union leaders, by their identification document, without documenting their affiliation to AFE, who transfer that they have collected 1,702 signatures from more than 10,000 members to request the board of directors to convene an extraordinary assembly.

It also indicates that the collection of signatures has been done through an application to sign documents online with an electronic signature that, according to Piña and Oliva, guarantees the legality of the process. These documents were presented yesterday at the union headquarters, which must now check their validity.

According to article 15.3 of the AFE Statutes if a minimum of 10% of the total of the affiliates requests the convocation of an Extraordinary Assembly the board of directors must do so within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt. The petition headed by Oliva and Piña includes the dismissal of David Aganzo as president of the union and the call for elections to the presidency, which could be attended by him, who replaced Luis Rubiales, current president of the Spanish Football Federation, in office in November 2017.