Adrián González: “I have in mind to continue being the captain of Malaga”

Adrián González gave an interesting interview to 7TV. The Madrid midfielder talked a bit about everything. Her future. “I have in mind to continue being captain of Malaga and present myself to the preseason when it is my turn. I will not think of other possibilities that do not exist. I renewed last year. I have always thought about staying. My position has always been clear ”.

Would you accept a pay cut? “We would talk. I have always been willing to stay, and I have stayed. Sometimes I have been able to make another decision and I have stayed here. I renewed last year thinking of spending more years here. Although it is unknown, if I tell you anything else I lie. You have to try to look ahead and focus on what the new Malaga will be like. ”

Depor-Fuenlabrada. “The League will have to give explanations. There are some protocols that had been correct. If there is someone who has to explain, it is LaLiga. A League of 24 is crazy. Thus, the category would lose attractiveness. Adding two more teams can lead to the category losing interest. ”

Season summary. “I would describe Malaga's season as a roller coaster. I've been to clubs where there were crazy seasons. In Santander when the Indian arrived who did not appear again, in Elche when they were unable to pay the Treasury … This year there were many things: players without chips, players that came and went, problems with the coach, a general manager luckily he left … It has been a long year, a tough year, obviously the players and fans would have liked something else but we have had to fight for the positions below. The ball is now in the manager's zone. ”

Victor's departure. “Surely he came from behind. I saw him with pity and anger. No more things could happen to us. It was not just a personal issue for the coach at that time, it was a serious issue. Again he splashed the club, the players who They were having a hard time. It was a sad and tense moment. “

Al-Thani, out of the presidency. “I took it well. It is the first stone for the club to start again and what can be a new Malaga. We would have arrived, but I don't know what would have happened at the club. Surely we would have been saved. The players' commitment was always intact. It has been faultless. We would have saved ourselves but Malaga would have had problems. The general manager (referring to former CEO Richard Shaheen) talked a lot about doing things but never did anything. “

About Shaheen. “I had not spoken to him for months, I don't know what I would say to the other players. He was a person who was way behind. ”

The pandemic. “We were hurt by the coronavirus, the breakdown. Our return to training could not be a normal lap like the rest of the rivals. We had higher loads because we had too few professional chips. Somewhere in this restart of the championship we have been accused that we were not physically well. Before the confinement the team gave another sensation, it had another special air. It was hard for me to pick up the pace. I have not been like when we left the League. I know there have been games where I haven't played well. In the end, being able to add minutes and games served to put on one more march ”.

Sensations “The last three days, not counting that of Almería, I was having a hard time. The sporting situation, we were not yet saved and those below won. It is not a good situation. Throughout my career I have fought to be in Europe or to move up with Malaga last year. Going down in such a big club with Malaga had not happened and we were worried. We had an expert wardrobe on that subject and were concerned about the future of the club. With the descent there would have been nothing left, not even the players. ”

Zambrana and Torrontegui March. “From the first moment, his love and respect for me has been incredible. I have enormous love for him. On a personal level, it is also a stick for me that Miguel Zambrana does not continue in the club. Now rest and he will be able to come with us when “The season has been very long, very worn out. I am going to speak on a personal level, with which you also know that I have a great relationship with Torrontegui.”

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