ADESP will provide scholarships to ASOBAL players and coaches within its digitalization program


This Thursday, the ASOBAL League signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Sports Association (ADESP) within the framework of the Alto Rendimiento Digital project, with which it will provide scholarships to players and coaches who wish to receive it with a study program valued at 2,000 euros. all of this within the digitalization program of Spanish Sports, according to a statement.

The entity that manages the elite of Spanish men’s handball clubs, in this way, will make available to the coaches and players of the Plenitude League who request it a scholarship valued at 2,000 euros to carry out the study program, with the seal from the Rey Juan Carlos University, with a duration of 380 hours spread over a total of 16 weeks.

The course, which will launch with a first edition between April 17 and July 31, has two types of degrees, depending on whether or not the student has a bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree or diploma, with more than 300 hours of content on BigData, Cybersecurity, creation of digital culture and habits, Office 365 tools or innovation methodologies, among other folders.

The training format will be entirely ‘online’ and will be taught through a ‘dee-Learning’ platform, in synchronous and asynchronous mode and with a high degree of support by specialized tutors and mentors.

The president of the ASOBAL League, Servando Revuelta, commented that they are linked to a project “of enormous prestige in the field of Spanish elite sport” to continue “providing tools and resources” to its professionals. “The agreement with ADESP represents one more step in the digitalization process that the Plenitude League is experiencing,” he noted.

Thus, ASOBAL continues to focus on “exploiting its social aspect, valuing its athletes.” “We believe that it is as important to accompany players and coaches in their sporting career as in their training off the playing field. They are the basis of the project,” concluded Revuelta.