Adara Molinero's passionate kiss with her personal trainer: all the details of her new dream

Adara Molinero He has regained faith in love. Elena Rodríguez's daughter, who had her heart on pause after her brief romance with Bosco Martínez Bordiú in Survivors, has already passed page. The one in charge of returning him the illusion has been his personal trainer, the young Alex JOEL.

The athlete has shared a post with Adara, where they both share a passionate kiss. Likewise, along with the publication, the coach noted with a pinch of humor: “Today has been a very hard day.”

For her part, Gianmarco's ex has not published the tender post-workout snapshot with her more than 860 thousand followers. Instead, the winner of Big Brother VIP 7 has shared a photograph from his bed with the first rays of morning sun along with the word 'Peace'.

A few weeks ago, Adara revealed on her Instagram profile that she was very motivated by the sport and that she had found a good routine. Likewise, Alex uploaded a video, where she showed some exercises that the influencer performs in her training plan. This publication did not arouse special interest in both of their followers, since the young man usually shares the exercises he does with his clients.

In 2019, Adara Molinero broke up her relationship with Hugo Sierra (the father of her son) when she met GH VIP 7 to Italian Gianmarco Onestini. A year later, in full confinement, both announced their separation. Another of her great loves was Rodri Fuertes, his former Big Brother partner. After many comings and goings, the young people ended their courtship in May 2022.