acts as a DJ at a Marbella party

The daughter of the Infanta Elena The summer has already kicked off. After recent very discreet and glamorous appearances at fashion and posh events, Victoria Federica has traveled to Marbella to inaugurate his favorite time of the year as he knows best: a party in style. With an XXL sweatshirt and a ponytail, the sister of Froilán He gave it his all at a well-known venue on the Costa del Sol and got so excited that he ended up ‘taking away’ the spot from the DJ of the night.

We don’t know if it was posturing or a hitherto unknown virtue of Vic’s (that of managing a mixing console) but the most wayward granddaughter of the emeritus became the queen of the night singing, dancing and cheering up those present, just as shows a video broadcast on TardeAR.

A relaxed and friendly image that he keeps only for his inner circle, the same one that protects him at all costs from photographers and paparazzi: “There were eight people and suddenly, when they saw me, they made a circle around her so that no one would see her”, said Antonio Rossi, who met her at the premises. The situation became quite tense: “A friend of mine made a video because he was dancing and they became obsessive about the fact that they had been recorded.”. And he added: “I was so surprised by such a haughty attitude… They took her out the back door.”

Ana Rosa, who is also the mother of teenagers, has stood up for the young Victoria Federica: “The normal thing is that young people go out on weekends, but we should not exaggerate, people also study, work, do other things …”.