Dick Van Dyke has crashed his car into a gate in Malibu, California, after his Lexus skidded in the rain. Fortunately, the 97-year-old actor is not seriously injured and is at his house recovering from a “mild concussion.”

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According to what they say from TMZlast Wednesday the local authorities received a call alerting them to a traffic accident and when they arrived at the scene they found the veteran artist behind the wheel of the car that had crashed.

Movie actor himself as Mary Poppins he told police that he had lost control of his vehicle in heavy rain. Despite the agents’ insistence, he did not want to receive medical assistance at a hospital and waited for a person he trusted to pick him up and take him directly to his house.

According to sources consulted by the aforementioned media, drugs or alcohol have nothing to do with this unfortunate mishap, although the Police have ordered Van Dyke to undergo a test to see if he is fit to continue driving. On December 13 of this year he will turn 98.