Actor and director Clint Eastwood reappears on the verge of turning 94: this is his physical appearance

The actor and director Clint Eastwood He has shown, once again, that age does not stop him. About to turn 94, the winner of four Oscar Awards reappeared at a conference event organized by the renowned environmental activist Jane Goodall.

The director and performer of The bridges of Madison He sat in the front row and in the center of the conference. Likewise, the cinema icon was dressed in a blue plaid flannel shirt, gray pants and sneakers.

Something that has caught the attention of his followers is his long white beard and his extreme thinness. Beyond his physical appearance, Clint Eastwood was in good spirits, as stated by the British media. Daily Mail.

The conference was held at the Sunset Cultural Center and Clint Eastwood in Carmen-by-the-Sea, the Californian town where Eastwood was mayor for 2 years. During the talk, the actor was accompanied at all times by an assistant. At the moment, Eastwood dirige Juror #2a thriller whose filming began in June 2023.