According to Casa Real, Kate Middleton was not in serious danger: “They invented it”

Kate Middleton She had a complicated postoperative period, was induced into a coma and was intubated. The three pieces of information, which Concha Calleja gave in Fiesta, They raised all the alarms and reached many newsrooms, among them, The Times y People. Now The Timesciting official sources, assures that this information was “invented.”

When Guillermo's wife was discharged on Tuesday, January 30, Casa Real issued a statement that Calleja's information had nothing to do with it. “The princess returns to her home in Windsor to continue her recovery.”began the note, which added that “progressing well”. The Princes of Wales“They want to thank the entire London Clinic team, especially the nurses for all their care.”. They also appreciated all the expressions of affection they had received “from all over the world.”

Casa Real has assured through The Times what the Princess of Wales was not “in serious danger”. These same sources clarify that these data did not make sense and that they were “invented.”

The British newspaper echoed Calleja's alarmist data and has published that in the palace there is no evidence that there has been “no attempt to verify anything he said with anyone in the House”. Es “totally made up.” The newspaper adds in “very correct” English: “This is not the case at all.” Kate, 42, underwent abdominal surgery last Tuesday, January 16, and was admitted to the London medical center for two weeks.