Absences and family wars mark the wedding of Victoria de Hohenlohe, Duchess of Medinaceli

The wedding of Victory of Hohenlohe this Saturday in Jerez de la Frontera brings together important titles of the aristocracy around the young woman Duchess of Medinaceli and her fiancé Maxime Corneille, a financier of French and Argentine origin.

A link in style, taking into account that Victoria, until now a very discreet young woman, has been unknown to the society press. Born in Malaga from the marriage of Marco Hohenlohe (grandson of the Duchess of Medinaceli) and Victoria Fernández de Córdoba, and the German Sandra Schmidt, Polex, the separation of her parents caused her to go to live in Munich with her mother and brother youngest Alexandre, visiting her father in Spain from time to time, but very far from the culture and way of life of our country.

Upon the death of his father in 2017, Victoria inherited the dukedom of Medinaceli and he moved to Madrid, where he resides, to study finance and economics and learn more about the history of Spain and his title, the most senior of the Hispanic nobility.

The clashes between the different Medinaceli clans over the inheritance of the old duchess divided the family. Rafael Medina And his brother Luis Medinason of Naty Abascal, Victoria herself and her cousins, Casilda and Victoria, are still fighting in court for her grandmother’s inheritance, against her uncle. Ignacio Medina, Duke of Segorbe, reluctant to distribute his mother’s inheritance.

This confrontation has meant that Victoria has not been able to get married in the Pilate’s palace in Seville, jewel in the crown of the Medinaceli, controlled by his great-uncle Ignacio, who has not allowed him to officiate the ceremony or the wedding banquet there.

Victoria and Maxim They celebrate their wedding in a church in Jerez de la Frontera and the after party at the farm Sky Leap, property of Gonzalo Prado Pardo and Manuel de Villena, Marquis of Castiglione of Aragon, cousin of Borja Prado, president of Mediaset and close friend of Marco Hohenlohe, Victoria’s father.

His wife, Mercedes Lopez de Carrizosa and his daughter Sol, have a fashion brand, called T.ba and they have dressed some well-known brides such as Claudia Osborne for their wedding. A few weeks ago, the magazine Hola published an extensive bridal fashion report with T.ba models. Everything indicated that this advertising of the firm foreshadowed the exclusive of Victoria’s wedding, dressed undoubtedly by the wife of her father’s best friend.

A not so glamorous SIDE B: absences

But this new wedding of the year It also has its less glamorous and unknown side. Starting with the absences of guests who should be there and have been crossed off the list due to differences between the different factions of the family. And neither Pablo Hohenlohe, bride’s uncle, his wife Maria del Prado and his daughters Allegra y Cecilia will not be at the ceremony, contrary to what was published by some media. Nor did Victoria’s great adversary, her great-uncle, the Duke of Segorbe, nor his wife Princess María Gloria Orleans- Braganza, first cousin of Juan Carlos I, nor did his daughters Sol and Luna.

Gonzalo Prado’s judicial blot

And as for the host, Gonzalo Prado Pardo, Whoever gives his property to the couple has a judicial blot on his recent past, which tarnishes his aristocratic pedigree. In 2017 he was sentenced by the Provincial Court of Madrid to one year in prison and a fine of 595,000 euros, as a member of the so-called Falciani list. According to the ruling, Gonzalo Prado had evaded paying the corresponding taxes for 2006. “Deliberately and with the purpose of evading his obligations to the Public Treasury, he did not declare his income, leaving almost 200,000 euros unpaid,” according to the magistrates.

The Marquis of Castiglione claimed in his defense that his passport had been stolen and that with that document they must have opened an account for him at HSBC in Geneva and that is why Falciani appeared on the list. The magistrates did not consider credible an argument that, they stated, mocked the intelligence of the judges.

Ten times Great of Spain

This Saturday, Victoria de Hohenlohe-Lagenburg, Duchess of Medinaceli, and her fiancé, Maxime Corneille, make Jerez de la Frontera and specifically the church of San Miguel the absolute center of the society chronicle, with the permission of Isabel Pantoja’s daughter. After the pre-wedding held this Friday at the Campo Real palace, their wedding will take place this Saturday at Salto al Cielo

Victoria de Hohenlohe-Lagenburg She is the noblewoman with the most titles in Europe, no less than 44, diez of them with Greatness of Spain and is the current head of the House of Medinaceli. Born in Malaga on March 17, 1997, she is the daughter of Marco de Hohenlohe and Sandra Schmidt-Polex.

The godfather is his younger brother, Alexander (his father died in Seville on August 18, 2016). The religious ceremony will be officiated by Ignacio Jiménez Sánchez-Dalp (the priest who married the Duchess of Alba and Alfonso Díaz), whom Victoria has known since she was a child.