Aaron Rodgers of the Jets clarifies the video that went viral and says he won’t be back in a few weeks.

Aaron Rodgers of the Jets clarifies the video that went viral and says he won’t be back in a few weeks.

After Monday’s game, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers told Chargers safety Derwin James, “Give me a few weeks.”

Rodgers had torn his Achilles in Week 1 and was out for a while. Rodgers explained what he meant when he went in The Pat McAfee Show for his weekly show on Tuesday.

Rodgers told McAfee, “I didn’t know that statement had the potential to get caught there.” “Of course, that was meant to be funny.”

Coming back in two weeks would be great. That’s probably not even close to a reasonable time frame.”

Rodgers then said, “It may have been a few or a lot.” It was more of a term that didn’t have a set time. I joked and smiled when I said it.

Rodgers has said many times that he wants to come back at a certain point this season, but he has also said that the Bombers would have had to be in the running for the playoffs for him to think about coming back early.

The Jets lost to the Chargers on Monday and are now 4-4. They are one game away from a playoff spot.

The Steelers, Browns, as well as Bengals are the three wild cards right now with records of 5-3, 5-4, and 4-4, respectively. The Bills have the first team out with a record of 5-4.

The Jets are thrilled for Rodgers to come back, but they need to fix things with Zach Wilson first.

If not, Rodgers won’t play in any regular-season contest again until September of next year. This season, he won’t play until deep into January.

This is true even though ESPN microphones got the hurt Jets quarterback telling Padres safety Derwin James Jr. after their game on Monday night.

During his regular segment on “The Pat McAfee Show” the next morning, Rodgers said he was just having fun with his close companion when he said what quickly went viral and gave hope to Jets fans who had just seen their offense stink in a 27-6 loss at home to the Chargers.

“Well, it’s clear that was said via a little sarcasm.” Rodgers said Tuesday, “It’d be great to be able to come back in action for a week or two, but that’s probably not going to happen.”

“It could be a few or a lot.” It was more of a term that didn’t have a set time. I joked and smiled as I said it… It’s clear that it will take longer than two weeks.

Rodgers walked into MetLife Stadium upon Monday night with a spring in his step. He wasn’t using crutches or a limp.

Later, he was warming up on the field by throwing some long balls. He didn’t look like he was in pain while he dropped back or planted his foot.

An Achilles tear would normally keep a player out of action for nine months to a year, but Rodgers has praised the surgery he had as being new and different.

The doctor who did it, Dr. Neal ElAttrache, is exactly the same one who helped Rams running back Cam Akers come back from a torn right Achilles within less than six months in 2021.

He told McAfee more about his “few weeks” comment, and then Rodgers laughed that he’d be back in “a few fortnights,” which is about the same as six weeks.

That would mean he would come back in late December. We’ll see if that happens and if the Jets (4-4) will remain in the running for the playoffs until then.

Aaron Rodgers made a joke that was caught on camera after his team’s game towards the Los Angeles Chargers on the Monday night.

It made New York Jets fans crazy, but the quarterback has since provided some less exciting news.

New York lost 27–6 at MetLife Stadium. After the game, Rodgers and Chargers back Derwin James talked for a short time on the field.

Rodgers, 39, smiled and told James, “Give me a few weeks.” James then asked Rodgers how soon he would be back.