Aaron Jones shows off his stiff-arm strength with a 13-yard run on the first play.

Aaron Jones shows off his stiff-arm strength with a 13-yard run on the first play.

When the Dallas Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, it always feels like a home game.

Sunday’s game between second-seeded Dallas and seventh-seeded Green Bay will be the ninth time in the playoffs that these two famous teams have played each other. This is tied for the most consecutive playoff games ever between two teams.

The last time these two great teams played in the playoffs, it was in the 2016 NFC divisional round, when Mike McCarthy was still head coach of the Green and Gold.

Aaron Rodgers, a quarterback who will go into the Hall of Fame, led the game-winning drive that ended with Mason Crosby’s 51-yard field goal as time ran out for a 34–31 Packers win over the top-seeded Cowboys and Prescott, who was NFL Offensive Rookie Player of the Year at the time and is now McCarthy’s student.

It’s not going to happen this week for McCarthy to talk about the match or how he feels about the Packers in general. “A wonderful game.

There have been many times when Dak and I have talked about the details of the game, and it gets even better when things change.

McCarthy said Monday, “I am not reflecting,” when asked about Prescott’s first playoff game, which was when McCarthy’s Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys during the 2016 NFC divisional round.

Things came up in that game that are similar to what we do now that we’re in the same system. He can see why we do what we do and the history behind it. “That game has been brought up several times.”

McCarthy answered questions about his time with the Packers before Week 10 of last season. This was because he was about to play them for the first time as head coach of the Cowboys, in the tundra for Lambeau Field on November 13, 2022.

His mood about going home got worse after the Cowboys lost to the Packers 31-28 in overtime after blowing a 28-14 lead within the fourth quarter.

Rodgers threw with a broken thumb, but he connected with rookie wide receiver Christian Watson for 107 yards as well as three touchdowns. This tied him with Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss (1998) for the most touchdowns scored in a game against Dallas.

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Jones was picked in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, which was McCarthy’s second-to-last class as head coach of the Packers. Jones ran crazy for 138 yards as well as a score on 24 carries, averaging 5.8 yards per carry.

Jones is still there, but Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay’s best quarterback and a four-time NFL MVP and Super XLV MVP, is now with the New York Jets after 15 years as the Packers’ starter.

It’s the youngest playoff game since the Buffalo Bills in 1974. The average age of the team is 25 years and 214 days, and that includes Jordan Love, who is in his first year as a full-time starting quarterback.

This team had the most first- or second-year men make 302 catches, gain 3,642 yards, and score 31 touchdowns in a single season as the NFL and AFL joined together in 1970.

Aaron Jones, the running back for the Green Bay Packers, has returned from injury at a crucial time, helping the team win the last wild card spot in the NFC.

Jones has shown how good he is by running for at least 112 yards within each of the last three games, which was a key part of the Packers’ winning streak.

Jones, 29, overcame hip and knee problems that had stopped him from playing all season. He led the Packers to a comeback that helped them make the playoffs.

The team had a 9-8 record during the regular season, which set up a championship game on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.