A year of Bordalás: from “consensus” to “I am only the coach”

On May 27, 2021 andl Valencia announced the signing of José Bordalás for the next two seasons. that day a halo of freshness He arrived at a club eager to find a benchmark, something to believe in and a pillar on which to hold more than 102 years of history. The first words from Bordalas they brought peace to the club and the fanssomething that was endorsed with some exciting first days of the League.

Shield/Flag Valencia

The technician spoke of “consent” of “Valencian DNA” and above all trying to take the club little by little to where it belonged by history. The promises of Anil Murthy they captivated him and he thought that they would make him a team at least similar to the one that was discussed during the first conversations. Today, it is not certain that he will fulfill the year of the contract that he has signed.

Very soon, in that same summer marketthe first arrived disagreements although Bordalás solved it, at the last minute, with the arrival of people he trusted, such as Foulquier y Hugo Hard. However, in the january market the consensus exploded. On January 13, everything was blown up.

“We have to work on putting together a squad that is as competitive as possible and we have to recover the enthusiasm of the player”

Bordalás, June

The non-signing of Aridanethe surprise arrival of Generous and the sale of Wass They ended up deteriorating a relationship in which Bordalás decided to dedicate himself only to training. Of “we have to work on creating a template that is as competitive as possible and we have to recover the illusion of the player” that Bordalás pronounced a few days after his arrival in AS to “I am just the coach. I am not an owner, nor a fan”, which he commented both on January 15, and a few weeks ago, on April 29.

Since then, there was certain friction that evidenced Bordalás’ change of course in his relationship with the club. From “together with Anil (Murthy) and Miguel Ángel (Corona) we are analyzing the needs and the current workforce” from the first days to the “There is no planned meeting with the president and the technical secretariat”, which he delivered at one of his last press conferences.

“I’m just a coach, I’m not an owner or a fan”

Bordalas, April 2022

It is evident that everything has changed. The execution of the purchase of Hugo Hard is another evidence. In his presentation press conference, Bordalás made it clear that “we are going to agree together with Miguel Ángel what the squad will be for next season and the needs of the squad”. Almost a year later, Bordalás made it clear that no one asked him for an opinion: “I have not been consulted the purchase of Hugo Duro”.

Too a changed the way you deal with potential sales of important footballers in the squad, for example from Gaya y Soler, The captains. “Gayà and Soler are magnificent players and a club can come and pay their clauses and get their services,” he said in AS last July. Today, he assumes that more than one will leave: “You have to sell for 65 or 70 million. Losing Gayà and Soler would weaken us“He commented a few weeks ago.