A wake and a baptism

Tibetan monastery. There is no worse scenario than a football match between two teams that no longer have qualifying goals. The players pass the ball without much intention, they speculate, they don’t rush and the minutes go by like the years in a Tibetan monastery, slow and boring, moments for the fan to rediscover himself and wonder what I’m doing here, another time, in a sparsely populated RCDE Stadium, with an animation on strike and that especially experienced the first part in silence. A wake of a week of farewells on the field and dismissals in the direction of the club. Chen restarts the game again.

Symptomatic onset. After 5 minutes of play you could already guess where the match was going to take place. Within a minute, Rubén Sánchez, who was making his debut as a starter, had already shot on goal and had placed a cross. It was clear who wanted to play this match the most, proof of this was the assistance for RdT’s goal already in the addition or his high pace of play on the right, which even led him to collapse in one action: he ended up in a typical pose of which he finishes a 400. RdT, meanwhile, had already committed a foul at the wrong time. With four yellow cards it was not quoted that he wanted to see the fifth to end the season here and not go to Granada. He saw her for protesting after three contact attempts that the referee did not punish with a cardboard.

white in the dark. From the bench, active, gesticulating at all times, Luis Blanco saw him with the nerves of his debut, although surely his thoughts were contradictory due to the lack of emotion of the match and the unwillingness of the team, whose pressure on the rival field lasted a breath. Valencia controlled the game, dominated and reached the area with danger. Maxi Gómez opened the can. That 0-1 could have come much earlier. The defense of five did not bring security, while only Rubén gave depth and Puado caught a goal that was annulled for offside.

Spanish Shield / Flag

‘Goodbye Time’. More than on the field, where nothing was happening, the game was in the stands, where there were no big news either. People always wake up against arbitration decisions, that actor who always generates controversy wherever he steps. Cultural anomalies of soccer. He also woke up in the 21st minute and replaced Melendo, who has not reached an agreement to renew his contract. Either things change a lot or he will end his 19 years at Espanyol. If that happens, his farewell was undoubtedly not the dream, like that of David López, one of the team’s novelties and that he was also replaced amid applause and emotion.

Un electroshock. Los Diego López, Fran Mérida (who has already made it explicit) or Tony Vilhena (with whom did he speak to express upon his arrival that Espanyol could finish in the top five?) also said goodbye on the pitch, waiting that the new sports director begins to put the puzzle of the new squad in order. And in the meantime goodbye, a welcome, that of Dani Villahermosa, who managed to make his debut in the parakeet midfield. A new face, a new birth of a Espanyol that needs a real electroshock for the next season. Another one.