A special color and spatial sound

In Seville football has a special color and the Sánchez-Pizjuán a spatial sound, of zero atmosphere. The wait seemed eternal and came in the form of a derby in which there were no insults between fans. The new normality has sent ERTE to the informant of The league, that spectator with a fine ear ambushed among the local fans who pointed in a notebook to songs that brought fines.

Seville and Betis They taught us that soccer, if possible, is more in contact than before. After some strange sensations in the prolegomena, soccer took command and the sounds and screams resonated in the vastness of empty plastic that the stadium became.

A worldwide expected derby with treatment of Superbowl but without performances. The only one, canned, came from The Outburst, which had the video scorers of the Seville fans' choirs who sent their images during the confinement. Minute of silence, worth the redundancy, for the victims of the Covid-19 and for Marcelo Campanal, the ‘Captain Wonders’, recently deceased and whose nickname the Sevilla players wore on the front of their shirts.

The ball began to roll and the sound of pure football, without contamination, made its way. The whiplash of Ocampos to the wood it sounded like a torpedo, the screams of “get out, get out” that came from the Betis when his defense got the ball back, the powerful whistle of Mateu Lahoz lengthening luck in a demonstration of authority, the intense hitting of a bounced ball, an isolated scream in a foul … Everything is new in this professional football that the pandemic has equaled with the amateur, even if it is in its soundtrack.

The public address intervened during the match three times, one in the 16th minute in the unavoidable appointment to remember Antonio Puerta, in 20 for the victims of the Covid-19 and the toilets (mandate of The league) and on the 26th to remind the Betic Miki Roqué.

All under the general football control of the team Lopetegui, whose voice made its way above all when defending the set pieces and, of course, to celebrate the goals of Ocampos first of Fernando then the player who should not have been present in the derby. Injured with a fiber break two days before the break, he took advantage of all the phases of confinement to recover and give the eternal rival the lace. A derby that should have been played on Palm Sunday and it was disputed in the Corpus Day.

With the 2-0, the sounds of the derby were already muffled more. In those circumstances the Seville fans would go about turning their stadium into a pressure cooker, although that was already hell for the Betis, who eat the toad of losing the two derbies in a particular league to forget.

In Nerve they must have thought that the Germans are crazy if they thought that the fact that the campo field factor ’loses its essence in the new normality was also going to become real in Seville. Third and stomping. The coronavirus derby suits the team of Lopetegui. So what Ocampos, ‘Touched’, I was not going to play. A goal and a heel assist. Minute 70. Enter Banega and he goes Ocampos. Bye Luke.