A solid Alcorcón beats an Almería without ideas

A goal by Ernesto at the edge of the break was enough for Alcorcón to, with an intelligent game and no frills, add a victory that calls into question the football he had put a few days earlier in La Romareda. But without ideas, those of José María Gutiérrez fell at home again.

All in a match with an excellent approach by Alcorcón, who with two lines very close together and pressing the ball out, forced Almería, who in the first half could get ahead with the theft of the ball in the center of the field, dominated by those from Gutiérrez. Darwin Núñez and Maras were able to score before Alcorcón, but Dani Jiménez prevented it.

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Before the break, the pottery team growing, Ernesto took advantage of the local mismatches to overtake his own and leave a set in which the weight of the match was rojiblanco, but Alcorcón, on the contrary, had the opportunity to do more damage, with a Almería imprecise, with many losses and desperate occasions that did not give to tie the game.

Although Almería had the most ball, the truth is that it lacked the depth necessary to nullify the defensive work well carried out by the Madrid team. It is true that the clearest occasions were for the local team. The first in a shot by Darwin Núñez, in the 7th, after a great pass from David Costas cleared by Dani Jiménez.

The second rojiblanca chance was in the 40th minute, after a free kick taken by Valentín Vada that Nikola Maras finished off and that Dani Jiménez managed to stop and clear on the same goal line, in the 40th minute.

Between both occasions, the ball was rojiblanco, who took advantage of the risk of the potter in the midfield to go against the counter. In any case, the 'closeness' between the lines of those of Fran Fernández left the intentions of the rojiblancos without a prize, who lost a bit of control after the hydration break.

In that last phase, the smarter Alcorcón managed to get ahead just when regulation time was up. A ball filtered by Boateng behind the red and white defense, Ernesto took advantage of to overtake his own without time for more.

Although Almería tried to refresh their bands with Corpas and Villalba, there was nothing new tactically and that allowed Alcorcón to 'expand' its ability to, taking advantage of thefts, put the Indian team on the brink of despair, very imprecise in the pass and without ideas to change the party sign.

This was always kept in his hands by the Alcorcón, with an unappealing approach, but a smart one and with options even to have a higher income. In 64, with a shot from Samu Sosa, from the midfield, and in 65 with a pass from Boateng to Sandaza that he sent out.

The game was then a love and I can not of the locals against a well-planted Alcorcón, who did not concede, except after a foul thrown by Juan Muñoz that Dani Jiménez cleared, in the 83rd minute.

In the last minutes, the team from Almería overturned before Dani Jiménez's goal, but the two clear occasions, signed by Iván Martos, did not lead to the intended destination, leaving the rojiblancos without the ability to take advantage of the stumbles of Huesca and Cádiz.

Data sheet:

UD Almería: Fernando; Iván Balliu, David Costas (Ante Coric, m. 91), Nikola Maras, Iván Martos (Jonathan Silva, m. 76); César de la Hoz, Vada (Iván Barbero, m. 76); Francis (José Corpas, m. 46), Juan Muñoz, Appiah (Fran Villalba, m. 46), and Darwin Núñez.

AD Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez; Laure, David Fernández, Diéguez; Ernesto, Reko (Albert Dorca, m. 60), Luis Perea (Stoichkov, m. 89), Boateng (Elgezabal, m. 89), Carlos Bellvís; Rui Costa (Fran Sandaza, m. 60) and Samuel Sosa (Arribas, m. 73).

Goal: 0-1, m. 44: Ernesto.

Referee: Galech Azpeteguia, from the Navarrese school. He admonished Arvin Appiah (m. 3), Iván Balliu (m. 62), Nikola Maras (m. 86) and Juan Muñoz (m. 86), from UD Almería, and Dani Jiménez (m. 73), Bellvis ( m. 83), of the AD Alcorcón.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-fifth day of LaLiga Smartbank.