A Shakira dancer reveals the worst side of the Colombian: “She kicked us out of the dressing room naked”

The Barranquilla diva’s problems are piling up. Added to her problems with the Spanish Treasury (the Prosecutor’s Office has opened a second case for an alleged fraud of six million euros) are her disagreements with Gerard Piqué for custody of his children and now a campaign by his former employees. And the fact is that cooks, extras and now also dancers are determined to uncover the true face of Shakira: “I did 12 concerts with Shakira and she didn’t pay me for any of them.”

Speaks Jenny Garcia, which was part of Shakira’s artistic body. He claims that her experience with Piqué’s ex made him lose “respect for her.” “I did 12 dates and she didn’t pay me, and I’ll tell you something, I would have worked with her without pay, but the way she treated us dancers… I have worked with very successful people, recognized artists, and They were grateful. She turned her face away from us, she never thanked us for anything. “She scolded us a lot and took us off stage because she didn’t want us to appear with her on the big screens.”he told on the YouTube channel At Saga. “During breaks, I told the security people ‘What are the dancers doing here? Get them away from me, no, no, no…’.”

The dancer has revealed that they even kicked her out of her dressing room because Shakira needed to go to the bathroom: “My friend was in a thong and I was covering my chichis (breasts) with my hands. They kicked us out into the hallway. Security was passing by, security was passing by, press, everyone passed by and I turned to see them very uncomfortable,” she said. “I asked the security to let us in to get dressed and she told us ‘No, the lady is upset.'”

This is ‘The Patrona’

Jenni is not the only former Shakira employee who has wanted to tell her experience after the Colombian diva released the song ‘The Boss’, a denunciation of poor working conditions. A few days ago, an extra from the video clip Monotony he claimed: “They forbade us to look at her face and forced us to look at the wall when she passed by.”

A few years ago, Shakira fired her driver and her housekeeper (they were a married couple) because she didn’t want to heat up a chicken for her at dawn: “We had been working 17 hours straight”they assured.