A sanction that leaves the Bundesliga in diapers

The new look of Jadon Sancho and his teammates at Borussia Dortmund will go down in history as the most expensive haircut in the Bundesliga. As announced by the competition body through a statement, a economic sanction against Sancho and Manuel Akanji, two of the allegedly six BVB players who, according to Bild, they had been allowed to cut their hair by a hairdresser at home without wearing masks and taking safety measures. The exact amount of the fine is unknown.

Therefore, the double standard of measurement by the DFL, the league federation in Germany, is exposed. Two weeks ago, it did not prevent the voluntary quarantine that Heiko Herrlich underwent, coach of Augsburg, after having skipped the security protocol when going out to buy toothpaste in a supermarket near the team's concentration hotel. Very unlike himDortmund players, who will be able to be on the field of play on Saturday when the black-yellow team faces Hertha in Berlin.

Coat of Arms / Flag B. Dortmund

What's more, the federation explains that the other players who had their hair cut by the famous hairdresser Winnie Nana Karkari, known as “Fresh Prince” from Düsseldorf, is because their photos uploaded to the social network Instagram they do not allow to distinguish with certainty if, unlike Sancho and Akanji, they wore the masks on or not. However, in a photo that shows Raphael Guerreiro with Karkari, it can be seen, without any doubt, that both the player and the stylist were not wearing a mask.

It's more, The DFL's lack of a strong hand is even more evident when consulting the much praised security protocol that enabled the Bundesliga return is quite clear: it prevents players from receiving all kinds of visits during the rest of the competition and forces them to reduce their contacts with the outside world to a minimum possible. What's more, iThey could have even had their hair cut in the days leading up to the mandatory quarantine week for all teams before the return of the maximum German competition.

When German media and fans hoped for strict compliance with the health plan by players and the federation, the DFL opted for a sanction that tastes very little and quite sterile lines in its statement: “The DFL imposes economic sanctions on Manuel Akanji and Jadon Sancho. The Borussia Dortmund players had consciously infringed the rules of hygiene and protection against infections and, in particular, the medical concept of the DFL. It can be seen in the photos published on social networks, “dictates a statement that is being interpreted as an insult to all sectors of social life that do comply with the rules.