A record Alcorcón

Sandaza's goal in the first minutes of the match against Albacete already predicted that the Alcorcón had many options to add again as a visitor. Said and done, the potters added one more point at home this season. Alcorcón has not lost as a visitor since June 8, 2019. On that occasion Alcorcón lost 2-1 against Granada to dismiss the season. Bernardo and Nico scored for the Andalusian team and for Alcorcón Borja Galán. Today the thing is very different. Alcorcón fight for the playoff and have not lost a home game this season.

Alcorcón Shield / Flag

The potters add 19 home matches without losing. They are the best visitor with 33 points. In this streak they have won seven games and tied 12 with 27 goals for and 17 against. Record numbers since it is the first time that in the Second Division a team has linked 19 home games without losing. Impressive numbers that have been very different from those that Alcorcón has harvested as a local.

In Santo Domingo Alcorcón has only added 19 points in 18 games. Just five wins and four losses. It is the second worst place.

Sunday those of Fran Fernández They have another chance to improve these numbers at home. The rival in Santo Domingo will be the Lugo this Sunday at 21:45. For this match, Alcorcón will have Reko's withdrawal due to sanction. The Portuguese midfielder has played 256 minutes in six games since the return to competition after the pandemic.