A player from Atlético Madrid trained in the Boca de Riquelme shirt in mid-quarantine

Because of the critical situation in Europe and much of the world due to the pandemic, professional sports paralyzed his activity. And in the case of European football, the great competitions in Old continent they suspended the competition indefinitely. The same happened with the dispute in the Champions League, the Europa League and UEFA have already confirmed that the next Euro Cup – maximum tournament for national teams – was postponed to 2021.

Spain is one of the epicenters of the coronavirus in the world. With more than 1,000 deaths and 20,000 infected, the Spanish government announced the largest outbreak of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. That is why the state of alert prevails and the confinement is total. With this panorama, the soccer players remain isolated in their homes, following the routines that the physical preparations of the professional establishments send them.

Such is the case of Héctor Herrera, one of Diego Simeone's brand new additions to Atlético Madrid for the current season. The 29-year-old Mexican soccer player took advantage of his social networks to show how he trains at the gym he has at his residence in the Spanish capital. But what was the most surprising thing about the publication? Than the player posed with the shirt of a Boca idol.

Dressed in the latest version that Juan Román Riquelme used as a Xeneize footballer, the former Porto added a sticker to his story in the account of Instagram what does it say "Gym Time", to highlight the time of day destined to train while in the mandatory quarantine.

With the number 10 on the back and the "Roman" stamped on the bottom of the blue and goldThis shirt was worn by the Xeneize idol in the title won by the team led by Julio Falcioni in the 2011 Apertura Tournament, an event that Boca won unbeaten over Racing -the set based on 805 Brandsen Street added 43 points against the 31 that the Academy reaped – to be crowned with the championship.

Herrera is considered part of the golden generation of Mexican soccer. With his team he was the winner of the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics, in addition to reaping other achievements such as the Gold Cup and Concacaf Cup 2015. In addition, with the My Selection shirt he played the last two World Cups in Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018.

After starting his football career at Pachuca, Herrera was transferred to Porto, from Portugal, for the 2013-2014 season, and played there for six years. In one of the great clubs of Portuguese soccer, the Mexican won three national titles. Thanks to its performance, the Cholo Simeone rolled its eyes at its game, and the Aleti He took advantage of the fact that he was free to take over his services and sign a contract with the footballer for the next three years.

In what was his debut with Atlético, Herrera made fans of the Madrid club fall in love: On September 18, 2019, he entered the second half of the match due to the group stage that his team played against Juventus, in Madrid. One minute after the end of the game, he sealed the tie with a tremendous header.