A new plan to protect Messi

It is a classic that after a defeat the possible signings appear in the press the following day to give the fan the lost illusion after an important game that has not finished well. True to the appointment as if it were a clock, the Barcelona press appeared on Tuesday after Sunday's defeat at Santiago Bernabéu talking about names for a new Culés project.

Coat of arms / Flag Barcelona

In the case of Sport, the argument was striking. Under the headline “SOS Messi” it is explained that the Argentine is “more alone than ever” and it is reported that the Barcelona team is trying to sign players that make it an ecosystem more conducive to Argentina. Specifically, we talk about the signing of a central, a medium, an end and a '9'. In the case of the latter, the favorite option by the technical secretariat is Lautaro Martínez, of the Inter, by whom the Barça could offer money plus two regular players according to the Catalan newspaper.

On the other hand, Sports world he dedicates his main cover story to the affectation of Coronavirus in the world of sports, but adds that Barça is very attentive to the possible option of signing Ferran Torres, of the Valencia, which ends contract next season and has not yet renewed.