Everything seems to indicate that LaLiga's return will bring controversy. Gone are the doubts of whether it was convenient or not to play again and parked is the issue of public attendance at stadiums. The problem is centered now in the hours of the first four days and more specifically in the unequal rest time that the teams will have between party and party.

Taking a look at the calendar, it is observed that there are teams that will play their first four games within 10 days, while there are others that will do it in up to 15 days.

Atlético de Madrid, Athletic, Villarreal and Leganés are the main losers. These four teams are those that will have less rest time between the first and the fourth day, since they will play the four matches in 10 days, resting just two days between matches.

Betis is the team that will have the most rest, since he plays his matches in a 15-day interval and a total of 11 will rest from his debut (June 11) to his fourth shock (June 25).

The Valencia will play in 14 days, the Espanyol at 13, a total of seven teams (Seville, Getafe, Levante, Alavés, Eibar, Celta and Mallorca) in 12 and the remaining six clubs (Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Granada, Osasuna and Valladolid) they will do it in 11 days.

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