A mad Eagles fan speaks about how famous he is now on the web.

People all over the world saw the woman from Pennsylvania’s angry face when the Eagles lost to the Arizona Cardinals in Sunday.

Now she wants to speak out. The face perfectly showed how angry all Eagles fans are. “That’s just weird.”

“This remains not something that I truly believe,” Jones tell NBC10 on Tuesday. “I’m simply a mom who loves the Eagles.”

Jones used to be a teacher and now is living in northeastern Pennsylvania. As a holiday gift or family tradition, she took her three kids or a cousin to catch the Eagles face the Cardinals upon Sunday that Lincoln Financial Field, which is located within Philadelphia.

Jones stated, “Fan all my life, so this was every the year’s game.” When the Eagles played the Cardinals on New Year’s Eve, many fans thought it would be easy, despite the fact that the Birds had been enduring an uphill battle lately.

The Cardinals are one of the worst teams in the NFL. That didn’t work out. The Cardinals beat the Birds 35–31 after getting ahead through 15 points. It was their fourth failure in five games.

Before the game, Eagles fans were already very mad. The Eagles possessed the puck on the first 20 with no time left in the game.

The score was a draw at 28–28. Jalen Hurts, the quarterback, took the football twice. Jones might’ve been seen right then yelling, “What on earth are you doing?!” from inside the boxes.

“Game is tied. I think we have four seconds left. Now that it’s the initial 20, as well as Jalen has the ball. Jones replied, “Not what I would have done.”

Jones’s angry rant changed into an internet joke during what seemed like minutes. The joke hit home for Eagles fans who have been confused and angry for the past few weeks.

Jones stated, “My phone began to act crazy immediately following you kicked your goal.” The picture of Jones’s moment showed up in news stories, sports gear, and keepsakes all over the place.

“My son ran to his room.” He sings, “Mama, mama, oh my God!” “I observed you on YouTube!” Jones informed them.

Jones tells NBC10 that when the Eagles had first and 20, her son felt precisely the way she did.

“He was additionally crying at the time because he was thinking, ‘What’s going on?'” “What makes do we need to do this?” Jones informed them.

Jones is a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and her son’s tee-ball games. She still hopes that the Birds will make it the Super Bowl, especially if they follow her advice.

In a few weeks, the playoffs will begin. She stated, “I hope Nick grows while he figures this out.”

There were only a few minutes left in the game and it was tied. Someone instructed me not to proceed on first and twenty. “I have no idea why.”

A Montgomery County artist who is known for making sweatsuits has made a new line of clothes that fans can wear to look more like Kelly Green. The Birds appear good in their old-school clothes.

Gorecki, who was born within Norristown, Pennsylvania, is the founder of JSP and a co-founder for Standard Issue Tees. The Eagles worked with him to make an exclusive range of caps, shirts, and sweatsuits.

She said, “I’ve shed grief three times with my lifetime because of the Eagles.” Gorecki is a famous skateboarder that went to Temple. ”

When the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the Super Bowl with 2004 and won it in 2017, my dream of joining the worlds of JSP and the Eagles came true.

I changed my mind after that or promised to make a one-of-a-kind collection that Eagles supporters of all ages might rock.

A news release from the team says that Gorecki made JSP things for the Eagles that have “different shades from the color greener that represent fans across all aspects of Eagles football.” The artist drew ideas from the things his family did all the time.