A lot of people watch Mizzou football games on local TV, but the Cotton Bowl might prove tough. Views on the Media

THE STATE OF TEXAS The Missouri Tigers’ entertaining football season is almost over. They have been getting ready for an important contest on one of the largest fields in college football.

On Friday, the 88th Tires African Bowls Classic takes place. Ohio State will be the team the Tigers play.

The game will be taking place at AT&T Stadium with Arlington, Texas. Right here is the place where the Cowboys from Dallas play.

The game will start on ESPN on Friday in 7 p.m. CT. Fans with ESPN+, Fubo, and Sling TV can additionally watch.

It’s been over fifty years since Missouri last went to a bowl game. The previously Tigers’ best period since nearly ten years comes to an end.

And based on how well the team has done lately with ratings on television in St. Louis, many of people is going to be watching in Friday while Mizzou plays the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl.

The game starts at 7 p.m. at AT&T Stadium within Arlington, Texas, and can be seen on ESPN.

Some of the seven “New Year’s Six” big-money bowl games are the Bowl Champions Series. The Tigers did not previously compete in one of these games.

They have never played a single one of such games before. These teams have been in the Cotton Bowl on two occasions this decade, but neither game was equally significant as this one.

The 1969 football season came to an end when Mizzou met Penn State in the Bowls of Orange. Since then, it will be the college’s biggest bowl game.

It had only 11 playoff games back then. There are now 41. Missouri’s last game during the Cotton Bowl Classics happened in 2014, where they beat an Oklahoma State Wolfes 41–31.

MU could also use the game to help them get new students from Texas, which has a lot of high school football fans.

The Mizzou Graduates Organization says that some of the biggest collections of Missouri graduates living far away from Missouri are in the Dallas-Forth Payne area.

A close loss for Georgia got a 10.8 grade, and a victory of Tennessee scored an 11.1. The next game was MU’s 15–0 win over Arkansas on Black Friday.

The score of 11.9 was the best of all nine games within the series, as shown by the network.

On the other hand, 10.6 million people watched the Cardinals game all season, while 5.6 million people watched their local games.

For six months, the Arizona Cardinals played almost every day, but MU only takes on once a week. The Tigers had an excellent campaign.

The only game within November which wasn’t shown on CBS was the Tigers’ exciting 33-31 win in Florida after falling behind. NFL TV showed it. It got a 9 in St. Louis.

That sets the tone for the Cotton Bowl tomorrow. But will lots of people come since it’s been more than a month as the Tigers last won 10 games that season? There wasn’t an extended layoff between games, but there are still a few items that could make the score lower.

First, the game is on ESPN, and here in Missouri, cable TV isn’t generally as good for watching games as over-the-air TV.

Another thing is that the event is on a Friday, and this is a night when most people don’t watch much TV.

The Tigers’ season this year was mostly on dirt roads for about two-thirds of it. You could watch seven of the initial eight games on the third- as well as fourth-tier networks SEC Network and ESPNU.

ESPN was only present on the larger station that started at 11 a.m. A lot of people in the area watched KMOV  when the Auburn Tigers had a good November.

The general manager of the station, JD Sosnoff, said, “We had truly good commercial backing” for the MU bouts. He also said who the events helped get people to other station events.

He wasn’t sure, though, how many viewers would be attending the Cotton Bowl. He stated, “I’m hopeful it will end upward being an adequate number.”

Around 6:30 p.m., KMOV will show a sneak peek show from Arlington. Tamar Shor and Brian Kennedy, both from Channel 4, will be the hosts.

It’s more possible that ESPN’s pregame show at 6 p.m. will be about all the major bowl games upcoming up, like the playoffs.