A Leganés player tests positive for Coronavirus

A footballer from Leganes whose identity the club has preferred not to reveal (if it does, it will be the player himself who does) has given this morning positive for COVID-19. It is the first time that the coronavirus affects a Leganés player in full development of the competition. The player was subjected, like the rest of the cucumber squad, to a rapid antigen test that initially detected the contagion. The club, in accordance with the protocol of The league, activated the necessary mechanisms to prevent transmission to other members of the club, both the staff and the body. Hence, the recovery session proposed by Jose Luis Marti It will become an individual non-contact working session between players, coaches or other staff members.

Antigen tests work by means of a small puncture in the finger from which a drop of blood is extracted. This, in turn, is subjected to a reagent. In a matter of minutes (15-20) the test already diagnoses whether the patient is positive or not. Its reliability has been growing since the start of the pandemic, but it is not as reliable as a test PCR, reason because the LaLiga protocol establishes that any positive must be submitted to the latter.

This is what has happened in this case. Late at night, somewhat later than initially expected, the club received the official notification confirming the second positive. Immediately the entity has contacted the affected player to transmit the diagnosis and ask him to begin with the mandatory isolation measures.

Leganés Shield / Flag

While awaiting its evolution (the affected person does not have symptoms), they must remain in quarantine for at least 10 days. If after this time you still have no symptoms, you can rejoin the rest of the group as long as you test negative in two new tests PCR.

The protocol of The league establishes that close contacts with the affected person during the 48 hours prior to the match must undergo a check-up. The same happens with those members of the club who have been in contact with the player and who is considered close, that is, more than 15 minutes at a short distance from the player.