A former Mediaset manager brings out his artillery: he praises Jorge Javier and highlights the “weakness” of Ana Rosa

Telecinco’s audience continues to fall after the end of Save me on June 23 and the crisis that the group has been dragging on for two years. With GH VIP y Ana Rosa Quintana, Mediaset is far from achieving its objectives, to the point that the Fuencarral network closed the worst start in its history in September. The bet of La Fábrica de la Tele with Jorge Javier Vazquez in front, then Chinese stories It was finally canceled after only three weeks of airing.

In this context, Tuscan Baldomerodirector of program production at Mediaset during the time of Paolo Vasilehas offered harsh criticism against the group: “Telecinco has lost its position. It was a leader and has abandoned a path of content due to editorial decisions… Or whatever. Since this edition of GH VIP until the failure of Chinese stories or the weakness that Ana Rosa is already showing regarding… TardeAR. They are making a lot of mistakes“, he confessed in a telephone conversation with Something’s up TV.

After assessing the worrying situation of the chain, Toscano had positive words for Jorge Javier: “He is a brilliant and hard-working guy. He has been very well paid. He has speech, he’s funny, he’s smart, he’s fast… For television and the media, all of these are priceless values. Another thing is my opinion about him or about his behavior.”

Baldomero also recalled his beginnings at Mediaset fourteen years ago: “My first assignment as a manager was to meet with Isabel Pantoja secretly, in Seville, to try to attract her to the chain. He attracted her, as she always attracts Isabel, with money involved. She never has enough, and she always asks for what she needs. She values ​​herself based on what she owes and she has always owed a lot.”

In this sense, Toscano has revealed a curious meeting of the tonadillera with Vasile: “Isabel Pantoja appeared with Julián Muñoz in Paolo Vasile’s office to ask her if she didn’t see what they were doing with her. He replied: ‘Madam, television is like poop, you make it but you don’t watch it’“.

It is not the first time that the former Mediaset manager has stoked the group after his departure, which occurred in February of this year just a few months after Vasile’s departure as CEO. “The network for which I worked for 14 years is still in free fall in audience. I see neither talent nor a way to regain the leadership it had for years. Let them eat their bread with it,” he confessed this summer. And he sentenced with one last dart: “Maybe it’s not a mistake. Maybe it’s a strategy to make losses and justify an ERE. I’ll leave it there.”

After his departure from the group around eight months ago, he also wrote on his networks: “It’s already done. After almost 14 years of working at Mediaset España, yesterday they told me that the organization no longer counted on me in this new stage. They are dismantling the team. which Paolo Vasile commanded for many years and they are, I want to assume, designing a new television model.