A former friend of Isabel Pantoja claims 150,000 euros and brings to light some committed audios of the tonadillera: “You are a bitch”

A Isabel Pantoja A new front has been opened: Begona Gutierrez. The one who was a friend of the tonadillera has sat on the Deluxe this Friday to make public the debt that the singer has with her: 150,000 euros.

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According to Begoña, Pantoja owes her this money for “breaching” a contract related to the artist’s American tour, which has been postponed to March due to a series of problems in the visa procedures. In Informalia we already explained that the singer faced a series of requirements due to his criminal record.

Gutiérrez assures that he was the one in charge of planning the tour from before the pandemic until the mother of Kiko Rivera decided to work with another promoter: “We signed a contract and she knows that what I say is true, not my truth.”

To demonstrate the close relationship that united them, Begoña has brought to light some audios that were exchanged: “Another friend would say ‘look, since you are in Cantora I will spend the day with you’ but since you are bad and a bitch, because you are a bitch …”, Isabel is heard saying.

In another of the audios, the tonadillera speaks to him in confidence about the relationship with his daughter Isa: “I can’t take it anymore, I can’t consent to what my daughter is doing. I love her, even if she says no. It doesn’t matter. But I can’t stand her telling me I’m a scoundrel. Neither me nor my family And if she does not consider herself my family, I feel it in my soul. Let her do what she wants to do, because I will do what I have to do. I only feel that I will not be able to see my child. “

In the words of Begoña, the cousin of Anabel Pantoja He shows another face on television and tells an anecdote that he lived with mother and daughter to support his opinion: “The day the fight between the mother and the daughter happened… Everything happened. To summarize, I had to run away with the slippers behind the girl through the streets of Fuengirola because she had called the press to record the whole fight”.

“That day Isabel Pantoja made me very sad as a mother because the treatment the girl gave her was not fair. From my point of view, the role played by the daughter is overrated because I know her live and directly. She He knows me too,” added the promoter, who did defend Irene Rosales: “She is a victim because she is a girl who has never said anything bad and has not been given the credit she deserves.” She also revealed that Pantoja tried to get Mediaset to pay for Irene’s mother’s flower crown: “She told me that Mediaset was making a lot of money at her expense and that it was the least they could do.”