A former French international, convicted of shooting three nightclub bouncers

Former French international footballer Tony Vairelles He was sentenced this Monday to five years in prison, two of them suspended, for shooting three doormen at a nightclub in 2011 along with his three brothers.

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Huckleberries49, was arrested in October 2011 for his alleged involvement in a shooting outside a nightclub in the town of Essey-lès-Nancy and was released five months later.

His brothers used baseball bats

Brothers Huckleberries They also used baseball bats against the bouncers of the nightclub, who responded to that attack with tear gas. The security guards, for their part, were sentenced to suspended sentences. Huckleberries and his brothers faced a charge of “group violence with premeditation and weapon” and a fine of 150,000 euros.

After a process that has lasted for more than a decade, the brothers Huckleberries They were sentenced today by a court in Nancy (northeast) to sentences of between three and five years. Thanks to the time spent in conditional prison and the part of the sentence that is not final along with other penitentiary advantages, Huckleberries he would have to spend less than a year in prison, so he could avoid going to jail.

Absolute international eight times

Huckleberries He began his sports career in Nancyplayed in the Lens and the Lyon Olympicsand was selected eight times between 1998 and 2000 to compete with the national team.

Vairelles, with the French team in the year 2000

Vairelles, with the French team in the year 2000

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