A forced abdication and a marriage breakdown: what Buckingham hides about the king and the princes of Wales

The British Royal House is going through one of its biggest crises. Experts have already described it as a “communication crisis” precisely because of the secrecy with which they have been dealing, for months, with the very serious problems that concern them. It all started with the very secret illness of Kate Middletonof which they did not want to give details, and later with the cancer diagnosed at king Charles III. The subsequent absences of Guillermo and Camila, who initially stood on the front line to quell the rumors, did nothing more than throw fuel on a fire that was already burning very strongly. The last manipulated photograph of Kate Middleton for Mother’s Day has unleashed the latest theories, which various protocol experts spoke about this Tuesday.

From Antena 3 they point out that the noise generated by the scandal of the retouched image is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the real problems facing Buckingham Palace: “Some London informants tell us that precisely the focus on Kate It’s the perfect excuse to avoid going further with the health situation of King Carlos III. Because reality would be more compromised“, they say. Let us remember that the 75-year-old monarch was diagnosed with cancer after undergoing surgery for an enlarged prostate. The palace claims that they have caught him in time and that he is being treated with different medical therapies, but some They have dared to speculate on the true severity of his illness and the word ‘abdication’ is already being heard in the British tabloids. Some psychics have even dated the date of his death: first half of 2026. Logan Smith, the same one who predicted correctly the death of Elizabeth II, was even more exact: March 28, 2026.

Both possibilities (either an abdication for health reasons or an early death) would have plunged Buckingham into an anguishing countdown to guarantee the continuity of the British monarchy, which currently falls to the princes of Wales, William of England and Kate. Middleton. And here comes the second big problem for the Royal House: a marital crisis with no turning back. “There will be no divorce because they would lose the succession, but the crisis is real. When these types of things are done, something is hidden”they claim. “Right now they have to solve many problems for this to continue because if not this monarchy will go to hell”they say.

Experts also point out that the situation is complicated because Buckingham and Kensington, the respective ‘offices’ of kings and princes, do not work in unison. Each one is focused on hiding what is theirs: “There is a division of teams that are not coordinating and even seem like divided groups. They are completely overwhelmed.”

Kate’s illness

And while Carlos continues with his cancer treatment, Kate’s illness remains a mystery: “I can’t say what Kate has been operated on for because they would sue me, but it has nothing to do with cancer or a mental problem. It is related to the intestines, that is why we never see it standing“, a protocol expert revealed this Tuesday. Information that would confirm the rumors that William of England’s wife would suffer from Crohn’s disease: “It is a disease that many people suffer from and that will influence their diet. In addition, they will not be able to stand for a while and will limit their ability to perform basic functions.”. And he added: “This illness will cause you to need something extra to relieve yourself.”

He points out that Kate Middleton’s recovery, as has been said for weeks, will be very long and will probably never be complete. That is, the princess, 42 years old, must live with this chronic disease that limits her functions and her daily life, from her work availability to her diet. “He’s having a very bad time,” she says.