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The beginning of end of Celades came in a derby for a penalty of Diakhaby that transformed Melero. The beginning of we'll see what Grace in Valencia too starts against Levante and again behind closed doors. He silence of Mestalla the eardrums of Anil Murthy and from a distance also Peter Lim. His management provokes more and more social rejection. The Grace era starts without reinforcements; for not having Valencia does not have nor owner for a dorsal as mythical as symbolic: the '10'. That of Claramunt, Kempes, Subirats, Fernando, Angulo and Parejo. A '10' that he defended with 22 years Juan Mata, mirror for Carlos Soler, who joined the list but only takes a week of training with the group, and Kang-in Lee, two of the young people called to lead this Valencia (follow the game live on AS.com).

Valencia Shield / Flag

There will be those who see this derby as the test of ché cotton. But it would be unfair to Gracia and her pupils to limit the analysis to 90 minutes. Because if he wins it, it would seem that the Navarrese went with your complaints Friday and did not; If you lose it, it may seem that those who stayed are nobody without those who left and it is not like that either. Grace's words in press room they set fire to the house inside, although the fire could be controlled. He Valencia needs reinforce to compete for what your shield demands and has quality footballers for this if you get that wardrobe that they promised to Gracia. So Gayà, Guedes or Maxi they have to take the step that the Departures of Parejo or Rodrigo.

Levante Shield / Flag

One step, but collective, is what He must also give the Levante of Paco López. Soon the club will debut a stadium practically new and around the corner will begin the works of another sports city. All this only has a return with a long life in First, without surprises last minute by permanence. Hence his bet sports, that beyond the signings of Son, De Frutos, Dani Gómez and Malsa, it lies in the continuity of Aitor, Campaña, Rochina or Roger. That in the long term, because in the short term, today, probably because they see a Valencia in the making and with pacifiers, the granotas face the derby as their great opportunity to desecrate the neighbor's house after 111 years of life without achieving it.

Paco López, fourth coach who has been the longest in the league

Paco Lopez (Silla, 52 years old) came to the League without making a sound on 10 March 2018. His career had been running until then in Second B. However, the Levante coach can say today that he is the fourth coach than he has been in office the longest since then in First. Their 2 years and 6 months only exceed them Simeone (8 years and 8 months), Mendilibar (5 years and 2 months) and Bordalás (3 years and 11). He has also been in Cádiz for longer Alvaro Cervera (4 years and 4 months), although not in First.

Paco Today he will lead his 88th game in the First Division (118 points, 45%). Regarding matches in the category, Paco López is the tenth with the most experience, since 'newcomers' as Pellegrini, Unai or own Grace, in addition to Garitano, Zidane and Sergio Gonzalez, they surpass you.