A cashier, a lawyer and five police officers: the witnesses who put Daniel Sancho on the ropes

The son of Rodolfo Sancho He must appear again before the judge of the Koh Phangan Court on November 27. After knowing the crimes of which they accuse him and the penalty they ask for him (death penalty), Daniel will also know the list of witnesses that the prosecution presents to ratify their version, that of premeditated murder, among which the cashier who stands out stands out. sold him the knives in the supermarket and the first Thai lawyer who represented him, Khun Anan.

The testimony of the lawyer, who spoke on several occasions with Daniel Sancho and included with his mother, Silvia BronchaloDuring the first weeks, it would be key for the prosecution, which wants to overthrow the Spaniard’s new line of defense: a murder in self-defense due to an attempted rape. Anan, however, could refuse to testify under professional secrecy.

Those who will have to appear will be the police officers who interrogated Daniel in the first days after his arrest and also those who accompanied him in the reconstruction of the crime. In addition, the supermarket cashier who sold him the knives will be called (although it has been proven that they were not the same ones with which he dismembered Edwin Arrieta), the owner of the store where Daniel Sancho rented the motorcycle to transport the surgeon’s mortal remains around the island and the owner of the kayak that Sancho rented to go out to sea at midnight. She is also the owner of the resort where Edwin Arrieta died.

An attempted rape

Daniel’s new line of defense is, according to experts, very complicated to carry out. Marcos García Montes will try to prove that Rodolfo Sancho’s son acted in self-defense after an attack by Edwin Arrieta, who tried to force him to have sexual relations, something to which the Spaniard refused. To demonstrate the fight, they have the chef’s medical examination, which shows blows and even a bite on the arm.

In addition, they claim to have evidence to show that Edwin had harassed Daniel for months and had even threatened, allegedly, to reveal their intimate relationship to sink his family’s reputation in Spain.

The Thai prosecutor’s office accuses Daniel of three crimes: premeditated murder, concealment of a body and destruction of private documentation. He has only assumed the second and declares himself ‘innocent’ of the other two.